What We're Loving Wednesday: Our 6 Fav Apps

Apps were created for the purpose of entertainment, connectivity, and convenience. Some do pretty well to meet these purposes, while others can fall short. I know there have been more than a few that I have deleted after being underwhelmed. But today Rachel and I are sharing 6 apps we are loving, whether it be for the purpose of entertainment, connectivity, or convenience. 

1. Google Calendar
I have used Google calendar off and on for a while, but more recently it has been saving the day! Rachel and I use Google calendars for blog planning, which is super convenient since you can share your calendar, making it easy for us both to see the same thing as well as updates the other makes. A few weeks ago I downloaded the Google calendar app and it was a game-changer! All the information I needed right there on my phone, and again, with any updates made to the schedule. I also love the many viewing options, so I can view the calendar by day, 4 days, schedule, week, month, and even year! Definitely worth the download.

2. Cut Story
Cut Story is one I have had for some time now. At first I just got the free version, which includes a watermark for the company, but soon after paid the $0.99 to get that off of there! Basically Cut Story allows you to cut longer videos into shorter clips for sharing. I use this specifically to shorten videos to 15 seconds, allowing me to easily share them on Instagram Story. It gives you the option to make the clips suitable for Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, or you can customize the time however you would like.

3. Studio Tone It Up
This is one Rachel and I have mentioned before. It is a subscription based fitness app where you can schedule and workout with women all over the world live or you can search for workout videos to do on demand. Either way I always know I am going to get in a good sweat with these videos. The subscription is $12.99 a month (Really cheap gym membership, huh?) and has no commitment so you can take a month off whenever you like. They also run some specials if you would like to pay for a year-long subscription, making it about $8 a month.

4. Timehop
This is a long time favorite of mine. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a sentimentalist. I love photos and documenting life in a way that helps me remember exactly how I felt in those moments. Timehop is a fun app that daily pulls up all of your memories from that day in history (some that you posted on social media and others just from your photo history/library.) At this point, mine goes all the way back EIGHT years! It’s a lot of fun to see what was happening each day in the history of you--where you were, who you were with, what you were experiencing, etc. It doesn’t only pull photos, but also status updates and sometimes conversations between friends! It also includes some of its own “on this day in history” at the end which is always fun and very suited to the audience it’s reaching.

5. Duolingo
Being back in the US after two years in Mexico, I’ve seen my Spanish suffer. I’m always looking for ways to keep it in shape, because as they say with language, if you don’t use it you lose it. This app is a super fun way to learn or sharpen language skills. It’s set up like a game and has endless levels and activities to take you deeper into more than THIRTY languages! You can practice grammar skills and also listening and speaking skills which I think is key. They even have an option to set you up in a conversation group!

6. Cartwheel (Inside Target App)
It used to be its own app, but now you can find it inside the Target App. I am by no means an extreme couponer, but I do love saving with this App, If you’re a Target fan, this is worth your time. They categorize deals and even make a customized list for you. You can also scan things in store to see if there are any savings. They put all of the deals onto your barcode that is scanned at the checkout. It’s super fun and satisfying to watch those dollars roll down at the end of your trip--and come on it’s Target--we could all use that!

A couple Apps I want to try:
No Zero Days
App designed in a light, fun way to help you make the most of every day and places to take note and see visually how you did so.

Forest--Stay Focused ($1.99)
Fun, foresty app made to help you resist touching your phone every five seconds and stay in the moment/get more stuff done. I don’t know about you, but I sure could use this from time to time.

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