What We're Trying / Week 1

Hey sweet friends!
Wednesday has quickly become one of my favorite days on the blog. It’s a day dedicated to authentic living and growth. What I love about it most, is that it’s an opportunity for us to be authentic with you and grow right along with you!

We decided to try something a little bit new this month and see how it goes! We’ll be doing something every Wednesday in August--a challenge of sorts--called “What We’re Trying Wednesday.” We’ll present something that we’ve been wanting to try and invite you to join us in it! Something that D and I dream for this community is engagement and connectedness. We don’t want this to be a one sided conversation or a space where we just talk at you! We really, really want to hear from you and build relationships with you! Really!

So here’s what we’ve got for week one of What We’re Trying Wednesday!

That’s right. We’re going straight for the heart. We’re proposing a detox...basically asking you to cut off one of your limbs... This week we are going to attempt to intentionally get away from our phones/computers/social media/etc. for a set amount of time each day. You choose the time. Perhaps you want to start your day this way, or maybe you want to be intentional with your lunch break at work. Perhaps you want dinner time and a family walk afterwards to be device free, or maybe the last little chunk of your day before you fall asleep. Whatever you think will work for you and be the most beneficial, go for it! I personally have done away with most watching for the summer. I’ve been trying to get outside more, read more, and enjoy other activities rather than just binge watching through all of the sunshine. I could stand to take it a step further, I know that!

But here’s the thing--a promise you’ve got to make to us of sorts. We want you to tell us about it! Tell us the time you chose and why and what you thought of it. We will provide plenty of spaces/venues for you to do so, but would you make our day and get in on the conversation!? Pretty please!?

Who knows what God will do with this space that we’re willing to create each day! I’m so excited to find out!

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