Where We're at Wednesday: a wee bit wilty

One thing that D and I have promised you here in this space and on this platform is authenticity. An honest and raw window into life with Jesus. We came to you with a passion to help women discover beauty under life’s pressures--to discover it ourselves-- and we invited you to come along. We invited you to do so with us. To remind you that we’re all in this thing together. 

Some days are all puppies and sunshine and giggles. Others are messy tables and old wilting flowers and unfinished lists and probably some tears.

Either way, there is beauty.
Either way, we’re not alone.
Either way, God is working--for our very best interest and for His ultimate glory.
Either way, we’re going to show up.

When we decided to relaunch For Glory & Beauty, we were very intentional about carving out a day when we could be very real and raw and honest. It was about creating accountability of sorts to bring you everything--not just pretty tablescapes and perfectly prepared meals. We wanted to be a lifestyle blog, yes, but we wanted a heavy emphasis on the word REAL in front of the word lifestyle. We didn’t want women to leave this space feeling like we’ve got it together and that things are always pretty and neatly packaged over on our side. Yes, we wanted to share with you the extreme joy and fullness that comes out of life with Christ, but more importantly, we wanted to share the ordinary everydays in between. We wanted to reassure you that you’re not alone. We know messes and pain and pressures too, things don’t always (usually) go as planned, and more often than not we feel like we’re getting it all wrong. We’re all just ordinary women whom God has called to be extraordinary and we’re here to help each other walk in that.

We don’t do this every single Wednesday, but it’s nice to have the space in place for that when need be. So in that spirit, here’s where we’re at this Wednesday.

You know by now probably that I love fresh flowers--like way more than food and most other life necessities. As often as I can, I make the little jaunt down to Pike Place Market and pick out a bunch of fresh, local blooms. For me, there’s nothing like waking up on Saturday morning to a lemon-y fresh apartment, sunshine streaming through the windows, bright florals, and a cool, cozy bed with nowhere to go. I’m also a little obsessed with photographing flowers--if you haven’t noticed. I love that they’re lovely and magical from every single angle. They never take a bad photo.

As I type this, my big, beautiful dahlias are wilting and drooping in the center of my table.The petals are brown and shriveling and it’s easy to see how hard they’re working just to keep their little flower heads up.

I can’t help but relate. I think D too in the present moment.

Summer is a crazy season for both of us. With Dalayna in youth ministry and me taking on a new job that focuses on university interns, it seems we can’t catch a breath lately. We hardly get to talk (at least just for the fun of it) and when we do it’s usually straight to “business” with a quick check in. Time seems so limited and so does sleep, let alone any time for letting go and having some fun. The days are flying by and the hours seem to be nonexistent, and not in the “we’re having so much fun” sort of way if you know what I mean...

Just us?

I doubt it.

I bet a lot more of us relate to those wilty dahlias on my table than maybe would admit it. I bet a whole bunch of us are working really hard just to keep our heads up.

Sweet sisters...breathe, rest, just be.

It took me so long to learn this and oh how I’m still learning. There comes a time when we just have to stop. Stop striving and let go of our pride and admit that we are just tired and that we need a moment to breath deeply and allow ourselves to be refreshed and recharged.

I wonder why we’re so afraid of that--why I’m so afraid of that? Why we can’t just let ourselves admit that we can’t do everything and that we have limits. I wonder why we can’t allow ourselves to be human from time to time. Perhaps because Satan has isolated us and allowed us to think for too long that it’s just us. That we’re the only ones who can’t handle it.

But let me tell you what else I’ve learned… that fear is a straight up lie. We don’t have to be afraid of that. In fact, people are a lot more understanding than we think they might be--God is a lot more understanding and gracious than we give him credit for. And so often in admitting our own limits and weakness, other people feel free to do the same. All of a sudden we realize that we’re not alone. That we’ve all been feeling a little droopy and exhausted and overwhelmed but we just didn’t quite know how to tell each other. There truly is so much freedom in confession and vulnerability. In letting your petals show even when they’re a little droopy.

So this is where we are today. Dalayna and I anyways. We’re at the end of ourselves. We’re tired in a lot of ways and we’re fighting hard to keep our heads up and to still make space for the things and people that matter the most. We are placing ourselves and our limitations in the hands of a God who has none and we are allowing Him to work when we are weakest as He promises He will.

And our hope is that today you’ll find the freedom to stop striving and to do the same simply because a couple of your sisters in Christ were willing to admit that they don’t have it all together. And that from your vulnerability a couple more will do the same. And so on. The beauty is that we probably won’t all find ourselves in this same place at the same time but we will all find ourselves there at some time. And that’s how we can carry each other. That’s how God is using the pressures. On the other side of them he hasn’t only changed and formed us, he’s given us an extra abundance of grace to offer others who find themselves beneath those same pressures a little bit behind us.

Listen. This is not a post to advocate for giving up or quitting. By no means! We are fighters. We are firm believers in putting on our big girl panties and getting stuff done. But I think if we’re honest, that’s not normally the struggle in our journey as women. More often than not as women, we struggle to give ourselves any slack. We rarely offer ourselves the grace that we so easily offer to others. And that’s what this post is about. Reminding you to be gentle and gracious with yourself too--reminding ourselves to do the same. We’re here to tell you that sometimes it’s okay to have messy tables with wilted flowers smack dab in the middle of the chaos. The flowers are still lovely and vibrant, they are! So are we! Admitting that we’re tired and that we have limits doesn’t make us any less beautiful or strong, it only makes us more so because it shows the world that we’re real, living, fragile growing, things! It creates an atmosphere--a vibe--of grace and freedom all around us-- and there’s nothing lovelier than that.

One of my favorite ways to refresh in places like these is to intentionally take the focus off of myself and put it onto other people. Often times when we are feeling this way, our prayer times can quickly turn into whining and complaining sessions. So today we’d like to know how we can be praying for you and encouraging you--whatever place you might find yourself in! Comment below! We’d love to let you know that we’re in this thing together and watch God take over when we come to the end of ourselves.

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