Is Athleisure Still A Thing?

Is Athleisure still a thing?

Good question. Short answer: uh, YES.

Honestly it doesn't even have to be for convenience sake, people are just rocking the athleisure look because, well, its comfy, easy, and adorable! There are some days when I want to wear my comfy, cozy clothes, but still look like I put in some amount of effort. That is usually when I give this look a shot. For some it may be more difficult to find a good balance of lounge wear, active wear, and casual wear. But I think that blend is exactly how to succeed at the athleisure look.

I am giving you 3 looks for reference today, but there are a few elements that really help complete the athleisure look in my opinion: A mix of casual and athletic wear, accessories, and a good color scheme.

Look 1

As you can see for this first look, I incorporated a basic tee and a jean jacket with some athletic wear. Not gonna lie, I think Ruby really is the best accessory for this outfit. I actually used this basic tee for the other two looks as well, meaning, find some basic tees that you love and you will have a ton of options. 

Look 2

Again, same basic tee, and throw a cozy flannel around the waist for that extra accessory. Cute stud earrings also go a long way to class up some athletic wear.

Look 3

I am always a fan of camo, and a hat is a great accessory to add for an athleisure look, especially when you're not wanting to mess with the hair. Besides basic tees, bomber jackets are a bomb way to tie together athleisure. It is light weight, flattering, and can easily be tied around the waist as well.

As you can gather, I am a fan of the athleisure. It is a great way to transition between running errands and being in public to getting in that workout. But tell me, which look is your favorite? Comment below with your vote! And let us know if you are rocking the athleisure these days.

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