Monday Motivators: Fitness Edition

So, last week we challenged you (and ourselves) to workout everyday.

We know what you’re thinking--easier said than done.

But it’s Monday, ladies, and we’re here to remind you that we’re all in this together! (Cue High School Musical Soundtrack.)

If you’ve felt like this challenge is a tough one, we promise you, you’re not alone.

Life is busy--chaotic even--and most of us are tired a lot of the time. Often times working out is the last thing on our minds, the last thing we want to do...or even if we want to do it it just ends up sliding further and further down the to do list. What I’m getting at here is, it’s a tricky thing to prioritize.

But let me tell you (and this comes from tons of personal experience) exercise--motion--is something we should make space for. It is something we should prioritize. Even when I look at the schedule and the to do list and can seem to find absolutely no space, I can tell you, I never ever regret creating the space for it. Oh, I certainly dread it up until the very last moment, but I never regret it once it’s over. I’m always glad that I found time for it and I always feel so much better when I do.

But I gotta be real with it. Ruts are a real thing in this realm. Routine is great and all, but sometimes we just hit a wall with working out and we need some motivation to kick us into gear again. Here are some tried and true ways to get me up and moving again:

I remember the first time I signed up to work with a personal trainer. It was not cheap and my mom pointed that out quite a few times. But I realized this truth rather quickly. At some point, you’re going to pour a lot of money into your health--you just decide on which end. I can either make the investment now and pour the money into preventing tons of health issues down the road, or I can skimp now and pour the money into all of the health issues that come with not caring here and now. I prefer to make the investment in my health up front. That’s not to say that fitness always has to be an investment. There are plenty of free and affordable ways to work out and stay in shape. I’m just saying that every now and then it takes some new and exciting to get us back in the game. It takes a sacrifice to make it worth it. I have learned that when I pay for something or sign up for a studio or some sort of workout community, I absolutely go. I can’t stand the thought of wasting even one of those classes that I paid way too much money for. And there’s something about a studio setting that makes you push yourself a little further than you would have in the comfort of your own home.

Change it Up
Sometimes you’ve just got to try something new. I know I do! I get bored with routine--especially when it comes to fitness--and I need to change it up or else I get comfortable and I stop challenging myself and so I stop seeing results. Have you seen some cool new fitness fads on Instagram that you’re nervous to try? Grab a friend and try it out! Has a cool new studio opened in your hometown but you’re not sure what they’re about and you’re scared to go find out--do it! Stop in and ask questions. Usually new studios will run specials to try to bring people in. Try it for a month just to spice things up! The point is, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will not only restart your body and start giving great results, it will also be fun and exciting and something you look forward to, and that’s everything in this game!

Convenience Counts
Here’s something else I know--I am obsessed with efficiency. I hate wasted time and I want to feel as though every moment of every day is being used and has purpose. It is silly for me to join some gym or studio that’s super far out of my way and hard to get to. I just won’t go. I’ll hate how much time it takes to get there and back and working out will become a hassle for me. No bueno. So, convenience makes a huge difference for me. I recently joined a studio that’s one block from my house. That means that A--I really can’t make any time excuses for not going and B) if the class is an hour long, I’m really only adding two extra minutes onto that for commute. So if I’ve only got an extra hour in my day, it’s always enough.

Make it Count
Something else that’s important to me on that efficiency note, is making sure that the time I put into working out actually counts. I find that personally, when I go to the gym, I waste a lot of time. I’m not always sure where to start and I spend time thinking about where I should go next, how many reps I should do, etc. It always takes longer than I want and I usually don’t get as much out of all that time as I would have liked. I find the same thing happens to me when I work out at home. It’s too easy to pause and answer a message on my phone or to quit a few reps early...just me? I love studio settings for so many reasons. #1 Someone is telling me what to do so I don't have to think about it. #2 I utilize every minute of that workout--every minute counts--because I’m not thinking or stopping to check my phone or whatever. #3 I’m also surrounded by other people who are pushing themselves which motivates me to do the same. I always leave feeling like I spent a reasonable amount of time and got the most benefits for my time and money. That makes the efficiency part of my heart so happy.

Mentally Prepare
My trainer and lovely friend used to tell me to talk to myself about what I was going to do throughout the day. At first I thought it was a little silly, but I saw right away that it makes a huge difference! If I planned ahead and knew what I would be doing each day, and then continuously reminded myself throughout the day, packed my bag, etc., I was much more likely to follow through. If I didn’t, it was way too easy to come home from work and either forget about it or talk myself out of it. The truth about exercise is that once you find a rhythm and you experience results, it becomes something enjoyable. It’s the getting there that’s challenging! At least in my experience, it’s never really fun at first--but it does become fun if you can push through that and find what you love!

Here are a few fun phone backgrounds to get you motivated to move this week! 

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