What We're Trying Wednesday / Week 2

It’s Wednesday. You know it’s one of our favorites! And week two of our weekly Wednesday challenges!

Let me be real with you—since it’s Wednesday and all—I did NOT rock at the weekly challenge last week. I was talking with D yesterday morning and I figured out that just because of pure insanity, I probably did go hours without looking at my phone last week, but it wasn’t with intentionality. Work and travel and weddings had me all sorts of messy and so I’m going to give last week’s challenge another shot + go for this week’s! I’m planning for no phone on my evening walks with Lincoln. Time to take in the day and reflect and think and enjoy my pup and the Seattle scenery!

Speaking of challenges and this week, we’re going to get our workout on this week!


That’s my real-honest-response to the above sentence. I’ve shared with you lately that my weight and my health have been a struggle for me this year. I used to love working out and did so religiously. Lately, I’ve just felt extremely defeated and life has been crazy and so I’ve let it go. And that makes me sad. Anybody with me?

Working out can mean all sorts of different things. We’re all in different places—we get that! Maybe this challenge means getting up off the couch for 15 minutes a day. Perhaps it means upping that evening walk to an hour instead of a half hour or from a walk to a jog or from one mile to two. Perhaps it means getting to the gym one more night a week or staying ten more minutes than you normally do. You choose something in the way of working out that’s going to challenge you this week.

Let me tell you what it looks like for me. I’ve decided to splurge and spend money to do an unlimited month of Orange Theory Fitness. Here’s why. I know about myself very well that if I spend money, I will go—no matter how much I don’t want to. I also know that convenience matters. This particular studio is one block from my apartment. It doesn’t add a bunch of extra time to my day to go and workout and come back. I may even get in some morning classes! I also know about myself that sometimes I need to do something new and exciting to get myself moving and motivated again. So, today I called and signed up, and I start Friday! I’ll be sure to keep you posted! I’ve got a goal to reach before I turn 30 and not very much time to make it happen. So this challenge is coming at the perfect time for me.

D on the other hand has been rocking at fitness and health this last year. She’s worked super hard to get dedicated and disciplined and to be the healthiest she’s ever been. (I’m super proud of her for that by the way) and she’s been such an encouragement to me as I walk through a harder season with all of this. In her case, it might mean pushing herself further than she did last week. Perfecting some workout moves she just hasn’t yet or raising the level of difficulty.

You see what I’m saying though? It’s going to look different for all of us—and that’s okay! Really! The point is to create a space for challenge and growth and an environment based on accountability and encouragement to push ourselves further and out of our comfort zones!

So be sure to share! Because we’re not going to make it or stick with it if we don’t! We’re here for you, girl! We want to walk—or work—this with you!

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