What We're Trying / Week 3

Um. Where is August even going!? I feel like summer is just running away from us! It’s already WEEK THREE of our August weekly challenges! We’ve attempted a device detox, and working out every day. I’m personally loving these as they’re inspiring me to finally try some things that I’ve been meaning to for a long time. That’s one of my absolute favorite things about this space--it creates accountability. I have officially instituted a device free evening walk with Lincoln and I’ve joined Orange Theory Fitness and I can hardly sit....or stand. This month of challenging myself to grow has been great and I’m finally being intentional about things in my life that I’ve been careless with for too long!

Dalayna and I are passionate about lots of things, and we have tons of fun sharing with you out of a lot of those passions. But first and foremost our passion is our faith in Jesus Christ. It is the root of everything we do here at For Glory & Beauty and it’s where all of the other passions come from anyways.

So this week, we decided to challenge ourselves (and you) in that space. I recently heard a sermon at my church (I’ll talk more about that tomorrow) that focused on the idea of embracing grace. Something so simple in our Christian walk but something it seems we forever struggle with and need to revisit.

Here’s how we’re challenging you (and ourselves) this week! It’s all one challenge, but I’ll break it down into a few pieces.

#1 20 Minutes in the Morning
Something I’ve been personally convicted of lately, is the way that I start my day. Usually, I sleep until the last possible moment, and then I run around like a crazy person trying to get out of the door and off to work. I’m just not a “morning person” but I’ve sort of always wanted to be. Mostly because every amazing missionary story I’ve ever heard starts with them waking up every morning at 4 AM to pray. Don’t worry--we are suggesting no such thing (although maybe you have littles and 4 AM works perfectly for you.) We’re just suggesting that we take a few moments to start our day on the right foot. To make space for Jesus, let him know we’re listening, and take a few deep breaths before all the chaos begins. 20 minutes of quiet when we allow our hearts and our minds to focus on the right things and our souls to rest and refresh.

#2 Read 1 Chapter of Philippians during this time
In starting our day right, we want to open our hearts up to God and His Word and allow it to start speaking to us before anything else. (I’ve challenged myself to also not look at my phone--messages or social media or e-mail--until after this time.) Philippians is a great place for us to start as it allows us to touch on a chapter a day, starting tomorrow and taking Saturday as a day to meditate and reflect, completing the book on Monday. As we wrap up the challenge on Tuesday we are going to take a look at the book of Philippians as a whole, rereading all 4 chapters in one setting. This is such a great way to break down the text and then zoom out a little and get a handle on the book as a whole.

All week long we’ll be reading along with you and sharing some thoughts and insights as we do. We want to create a space for conversation and growth together--so get involved! We’ll have morning check ins so that you can see who is reading along with you and perhaps we can even pray “together” and for each other in the mornings as well! 

To sum it up:
20 minutes of quiet, focused time each morning with you and Jesus and His love letter to you and maybe a good cup of coffee (or tea if that’s your thing.)

Just a quick tip:
Since I am not the best at mornings, I try to do everything I can the night before to make the morning smoother. I have made myself some cute little lists and posted them with washi tape where I can see them. I have one of things that I want to make sure are taken care of before bed so that I can easily have my 20 minutes in the morning, and another of the things I want to do with my morning moments. There is something about ritual and routine that is soothing and that makes me feel more productive and energized in my day!

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