What We're Trying / Week 4

Hey ladies!
We have been loving taking on these weekly challenges with you. The thing that sticks out in my mind about these challenges is, even though they feel challenging to take on, they are actually working to simplify our lives. I know for me, when someone takes out the brain work of strengthening areas of my life that are lacking, I am 100% on board. So that is what we have been trying to do with these challenges. Take out the brain work. Lay down the ground work. And give you the encouragement, ideas, and resources to successfully try something new that will enhance and simplify your life. And this week is no exception.

This week our challenge is to eat at home.... for every meal.... every day.

It sounds complicated and like more work. But don't tune me out just yet.

I think we all acknowledge the perks to eating meals at home, right? Saves money. You make healthier choices, which means your kids make healthier choices. You get to use meal time to connect with your family and friends.

And we all know the disadvantages to eating meals at home. Not knowing what to fix. Feeling stuck in a rut and out of ideas. You don't have time. You don't have groceries in the fridge. And everyone is hungry RIGHT NOW!

Friend, it is hard. But the point of this week is to:

1. Get in a new rhythm for meal times at your home.
This does sound like more work from the starting line. Shoot, it IS more work at the start. But remember what I said with taking out the brain work? Once you make new habits and get in the rhythm for meal planning (even if it does include eating out a few times throughout the week) your life will be SO MUCH EASIER. You have a plan and therefore meals are no longer guesswork. Plus it is SO much easier to live on a budget when you plan your meals/groceries out.

2. Set yourself and your family up for meals you won't regret.
The truth is, sometimes you are going to run to Chick-fil-a. You are going to want to do a special meal out. But the difference is why you are running to the quick and easy. Eat the big mac because your family is having a fun night out for dinner instead of when you are too exhausted and hungry to do anything else. And from a health & diet perspective, you won't feel guilty when you have planned your splurges.

3. Take back meal time.
There are some iconic tv shows that we all think back to as the picture for a perfect family life. Any coming to your mind? (Let me know what you thought of in the comments below.) You see this family gathered around the dinner table, saying grace, and exchanging each person's daily happenings as the food is passed "family-style" around the table. It looks like a distant memory for many of us. But this week, LET'S TAKE BACK MEAL TIME. Let's take back that time to sit together, share our lives with each other, and just see what great things can happen when we do.

Keep coming back each day this week for tools, resources, and encouragement to make meal planning simple!

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