30 Scriptures That Have Carried Me to 30

(My September 17th flowers <3)

Thirty is so close. Twenty days away to be exact. I’m honestly okay with it--excited about it actually. Of course it’s a new unknown, but if it’s anything like the last decade, I am certain of a few things at least. That so much adventure lies ahead--that God will remain faithful and constant--and that ten years from now I will hardly recognize the girl I am right now.

They say that thirty is great because you finally have some self assurance and confidence. You’re less distracted and ready to get down to business. I can absolutely attest to that. I know who I am, I know what God has called me to do, and this decade is going to be all about that and only that. But--I certainly didn’t get here overnight. It’s been years of searching and time spent in the “wilderness” and even some heartache to get here. It’s taken serious amounts of pruning and a lot of dying to myself and my desires and so much letting go. And I know there is so much more of that ahead if I’m ever going to actually look like Jesus. I decided to put together a list of the most influential Scriptures in my life to date. The Words of God to my heart that have carried me thus far.

I actually had so much fun doing this. The crazy thing is--this is just such a small sampling and there were so many others that I wanted to include. It was so hard deciding which I would list here. Some of them are passages that I return to often, others I stumble upon from time to time and love just as much each time I do. Some of them are things that I pray for God to do in me, others are pieces of His heart and His character that resonate deep within me--that I’m so thankful for. Some are reminders of promises that I often forget or take for granted. At any rate, this is how I’ve come this far and His Word is what will carry me through the next 30 years as well. I know that so well.

1. Lamentations 3 (I have to trust that God is who He says He is in spite of everything)

2. Isaiah 55:8-11 (God’s thoughts and ways are higher than mine.)

3. John 1:16 (Jesus’s sacrifice was more than enough to cover me--for always.)

4. 1 Corinthians 13 (everything I do is worthless without love)

5. Job 5:18 (God’s wounds are for my good and He is always there to heal also)
6. Isaiah 1:18 (No sin is too big or awful for His blood to cover)
7. 1 Corinthians 16:14 (everything I do should be done in love)
8. Philippians 4 (on my thought life, on joy, on contentment in Christ)

9. Galatians 2:20 (Death to self--Christ alive in me.)

10. Philippians 2:1-4 (how to love and think like Christ)

11. 2 Corinthians 12:9 (His grace is more than enough)

12. Jeremiah 1:5-10 (I am created and called and anointed by God to live out His call)
13. 1 Corinthians 15:10 (I am who I am only by God’s grace)

14. Exodus 4:1-17 (I only need to give God whatever is in my hand and open my mouth)
15. Exodus 15:13 (God will lead and guide us for His name’s sake)
16. Ephesians 3:7-9 (God uses me in spite of me)

17. Numbers 23:19 (God will never lie or disappoint--he is not a man)

18. Luke 1:38/45 (Let it be to me however He pleases)

19. Romans 2:1-5 (truth + kindness leads to real repentance)

20. Genesis 22 (do I trust and obey God with everything I love the most?)

21. Luke 15:2-7 (the pastoral heart of Jesus)
22. Colossians 3:12-14 (how to love like Christ)

23. 1 Peter 2:9 (Called out of darkness and into His light)

24. John 1:5/Matthew 4:16 (Jesus = light)

25. Proverbs 21:1 (May my heart remain soft for God to lead wherever He pleases)

26. Proverbs 31:25-26 (The woman I want to be)

27. Habakkuk 3:17-18 (Even though _______ He is good)
28. Job 13:15 (my understanding is irrelevant)

29. Matthew 16:13-16 (Who do I say that Jesus is?)

30. Genesis 1:1-5 /John 1:1-18/Revelation 22:5 (my favorite theology/Biblical theme ever)

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