Autumn Vibes on a Budget

Alright friends. As I’ve noted excessively this week, I adore September and all things fall and I’m so glad it’s here again! I’m especially thrilled because this year we get FIVE weekends in September instead of just four. I wasted no time planning out my September Saturdays starting with a day of creating and crafting. I found a friend at work and we made a day of it! I love inviting people into my silly celebrations.

My purpose for this post is threefold:

1. I know how many of us have experienced Pinterest fails. This post is to bring you some pins that have already been tested and found successful in order to save you time and stress and headaches in your creative endeavors this autumn. 

2. To inspire you to change things up this year and try something with a little spice to embrace this season!

3. It’s all adorable and I just couldn’t resist sharing. I wish I could have you all over to share it in person along with some warm muffins and dark coffee!

So, we did a bit of scouring Pinterest over hemp milk lattes, and then headed out. She insisted we start at Dollar Tree. I’m not gonna lie to you, I was a skeptic. I skim past the “decorate your home from the Dollar Tree” pins all the time like—yeah right. Turns out, I just didn’t grow up with a good Dollar Tree! I was so pleasantly surprised by the selection and mix of already made decorations and supplies to make your own.

Here’s everything I grabbed for $23:

-5 bunches of burnt orange and cream silk flowers

-4 placemats

-7 styrofoam pumpkins (for a project)

-1 glass coffee mug

-1 gold-geometric candle holder

-3 mini mason jar pumpkin spice candles

-2 packs of cut out burlap leaves

**there were SO many adorable decorations and signs already made and ready to hang. I just had my heart set on a day of creating!

We did a quick Michael’s run for the last of our supplies—but honestly we didn’t need much more! (There were also some amazing sales at Michael’s for the record!)

For $10 I grabbed:
-1 wreath

-4 paint colors for my pumpkin project

So everything below, I did for just around $30. All of it I can keep for next year and a lot of it I can repurpose and use all year round (the candle holder, placemats, and coffee mug).

This first idea I found on Pinterest was so simple and affordable that I just couldn’t resist! It’s just a coffee mug filled with coffee beans with a little tea light candle set down in the beans. The original post used a white coffee mug, but I thought the glass would be fun so that you could see the coffee beans. The idea was to use a vanilla candle to create the scent of a vanilla latte—of course I went with pumpkin because, well, pumpkin. I think I’ll keep this out through the holidays and change out the candle scent. I’m also looking forward to using the glass mug all year (it was only ONE DOLLAR!) Remember that you never have to follow ideas exactly! Find some inspiration, get creative, and give them your own spin so they suit your space. (I set aside some beans when I bought and grinded my coffee at Trader Joe’s last week—multi purpose coffee beans!)

I snagged this darling little candle holder for one dollar as well. I originally imagined it as part of my table setting, but ended up loving it on this little shelf instead. It looks like something from Anthropologie or Urban and actually went a long way in warming up my space.

This is probably my favorite part! I always love a little bit of a spin on the traditional. I suppose I’m fairly unconventional in a lot of ways. Last year I had seen a cool fall tablescape with mini ambre pumpkins on a blog that I follow. Basically they had painted a ton of little pumpkins in varying shades of pinks and reds and oranges and lined the center of the table with them from dark to light. I loved the idea of oddly colored pumpkins. I decided to use fake pumpkins so that I could keep them if I wanted to and also to scale it down since I have a much smaller table. Rather than the ambre (since I wouldn’t have as many and it seemed harder to create the effect) I chose a color pallet. My apartment is a lot of neutrals with splashes of earthy blues and greens. I decided to carry those colors over to my pumpkins and added some lavender for an unexpected (in several ways) splash of color! Fresh flowers make the whole thing of course! I’m lucky enough to have easy access to fresh flowers whenever I want, but if that’s a little complicated or you’re looking to save money, go for a fake arrangement that anchors the whole look!

The placemats are also from the Dollar Tree and they’ll work through the holidays and really all year long! They had them in burnt orange and chocolate brown as well!

It was so cheap and simple and I LOVE how it turned out! Can’t wait to host lots of friends here this fall!

I grabbed these flowers before I really had a plan. I loved them because of their muted colors and the fact that they seemed fairly real and natural. The wreath was $5 at Michael’s. (I definitely didn’t use all of the flowers either, so I tucked them away for another project.) This project took about 15 minutes and required nothing but the wreath, the flowers, and some wire cutters. I didn’t even glue them as it was super simple to just stick the stems of the flowers into the spaces in the wreath. I do tend to like simpler more natural things, but you could easily take this up another notch with a glue gun and more dollar store supplies!

Last but not least I grabbed THREE mason jar candles for just $3! That would have cost me a whole lot more anywhere else—and they smell SO GOOD! I got one for my coffee table, another for the bathroom, and an extra to have on hand. Most of the fall I’ll have my diffuser running with all the autumn scents (we’ll be sure to post about that later) but it’s always nice to have a candlelit glow in the fall.

Hoping you walk away with your creative juices flowing and all the autumn vibes! Let us know if you try any of these or if you’ve got any great ideas of your own! (Maybe give us a heads up on some of those Pinterest fails while you’re at it!)

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