Fall Fashion: that tricky transitional time

Look, I’m sure you’ve gathered by now that I adore fall more than most and all of the fashion fun that comes with the cooler, crisper air. But—I’m also willing to admit that fashion can get tricky right about now. What to do when it’s too cool for sandals and cropped cardis but still too warm for the chunky sweaters and bulky boots!? How do you handle the closet change when you sorta still need the mix? I’m so ready to be all layered and bundled and cozy, but the truth is that we aren’t quite there yet, and this in between transitional time can be tricky.

My mom always believed that clothing was seasonal—that white should absolutely not be worn after Labor Day—I’ve always been a rebel in that regard. I believe that most things can work in every season with the right adjustments. Today I’m showing you a few ways to deal with the tricky transitional time and sharing a few tips to carry clothes from summer into fall and still make it work!

1. I love a simple, classic sundress. Especially a flowy, denim sundress! I wore this thing all summer with some cute sandals and statement earrings and of course did whatever I could to get my hair off of my neck! A bright, coral lip makes the look light and summery! (You can see how thrilled Lincoln is to be a part of this—)

2. Dresses—specifically denim dresses—are the perfect transitional piece. Your base is still light and cool and flowy, it’s just all about adding on the layers. I added some cute floral leggings, a bulkier necklace, and a chunky (but still on the lighter side) sweater. Changed out the sandals for some side-slit boots. I also darkened my lip color to plum and put my hair down to warm up the look.

3. Remember in our summer faves when I talked about this denim jumper that is one of my closet staples? Well—it is for three out of four seasons, including fall. In the heat of summer I wear it with a simple tank or tee or a short sleeved cardigan or kimono. I usually put my hair back or at least out of my face and pair with bold earrings and simple sandals. The bright red lip says summer like pretty much nothing else.

4. To transition to fall, I layer with a long sleeve tee or a heavier sweater on top. I switch the shoes to flats or boots and again add a deeper lip color.

5. Are you ready to tuck away all of those cute sleeveless blouses? I don’t think you should just quite yet (despite what my mom says.) During warmer months, I let the prints do the talking and pair with linen shorts (or crop pants for work) and my go-to sandals. I used headbands a lot this summer to keep hair out of my eyes and face as I’m growing it out. A bright pink lip keeps this one fresh and light.

6. I'm a firm believer that florals should be a thing all year round. I added some straight legged jeans with a cuff and my same side-slit boots and layered with an oversized navy sweater to warm it up practically and aesthetically. I used my plum lip again and let my hair down.

Just a few notes:
- I’m loving the side-slit boot for right now. They cover your feet but still let them breath. Let’s be real, autumn afternoons can still get heated!

- I loved layering with a sweater because I can still always pull it off if it does get too warm.

- Lip color and hair styling go a long way in changing up the look! For summer I focus on pulling out the lighter, brighter colors from the outfit in my accessories and makeup and in the fall I try to pull out the darker deeper tones. Summertime I go for light, wispy hair and in the fall I let it be a little heavier.

Products I love from this post:
Lip Shimmer in Plum: Burt’s Bees
Lipstick in Scarlet Soaked: Burt’s Bees
Lip Gloss in Pink Ranger: Oui Fresh
Lipstick in Blossom: Oui Fresh
Denim Dreess & Jumpsuit: Old Navy
Side-slit Boots: Target (they’re still there and on sale!)

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