Let Love In + A Giveaway!

Happy Friday, friends! 
We’ve got a fun weekend giveaway coming your way—X2!

Today I get to introduce you to one of my favorite friends. We go way back—like elementary school way back—and we’ve seen a lot of life together. We’ve lived in different places more than we’ve lived in the same, but any time we land in the same place even for a little while we’re back to our same old antics (with our pal Missy too, the lovely lady featured in the pics below!) She’s my workout buddy and kid ministry partner in crime. She’s starting out on some crazy cool adventures and she was kind enough to partner with us today to share one of them with you! We love being a platform for women to share their passions! So without further ado: Courtney Purfey!

So I am honored and humbled to say the least to partner with For Glory & Beauty! Today I get to share the vision behind my clothing company and the story of my logo with all of you, their faithful followers. 

I started my own clothing company mostly because my boyfriend, owner of Dieseldonlow clothing, encouraged me to do it. As funny and simple as it sounds, sometimes God uses other people to challenge you and to push you outside of your comfort zone. At first it was sort of a “let’s just try this and see if it works.” So I suppose that’s where the logo came about—a simple C and P for my name. But i started thinking about how influential a t-shirt company could be and how it could be used to encourage and inspire people everyday. My main message and mission statement at this point is “LET LOVE IN”. I am a firm believer that the right kind of love can completely change your life. For me the love I choose to let in everyday is the love of God.

​ 1 Corinthians 13:4​-8 tells us what love is; Love is gentle, it seeks not its own, it isn’t rude, it is patient, it keeps no record of wrongs, it is not prideful, it is not easily angered, love rejoices in the truth and love never fails.

For me it’s more than just a scripture, it’s a way to truly understand what love is meant to be and yourself in light of that love. We as individuals struggle to find things that we love about ourselves and are often focused on our faults. Through this clothing company, I hope to inspire individuals to truly let love into their lives. 

Is it easy to see yourself through the eyes of love? No. But, if we could remind ourselves and each other everyday (maybe with something as simple as a shirt) imagine how life changing it could be! Together we could let that love in and change the way we see ourselves and everyone else around us—we could change the world!

Thank you for the opportunity to share this and I hope it inspires everyone reading this to LET THE LOVE IN!

You can check out all of Courtney's products here: full collection

Courtney was kind enough to actually give us TWO shirts to giveaway this weekend! So check out our Facebook or Instagram to get entered for one of these adorable shirts!

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