12 things you can do this weekend

The kids are back in school (Can I get an "amen" from the mommas?), we are heading into fall, AND now we are heading into the weekend. Basically what I am getting at, there are some things around the house that may need some attention, and maybe this weekend we can knock some of them out. So today we have compiled a list of some of those things to serve as a check list of sorts. So get out your notebook and let's start checking things off!

1. Change your air filters.
This is one of the most grown up things a person can do in my mind. And it can be one of the hardest things to remember to do! I get 90 day air filters and just put it on the calendar in my phone with an alert so I can keep up with it. Let's be honest, it WOULD NOT happen otherwise. I have allergies and live in Oklahoma so.... yea, need to keep those filters fresh. Plus it is a great preventative measure to keep the air system running well.

2. Trade out pictures in your picture frames.
I am getting on this for sure! I am kind of bad about keeping years old photos when I have some new ones that I love. I usually use Walgreens because it is so easy to order the prints PLUS they pretty much always have a sale on their photo products. This task also reminds me... we need some new family photos.

3. Bring out the fall clothes!
I usually do this gradually because, like I said, Oklahoma. I did bring out the light long sleeve shirts already, but it will be a little while until I need to get out the sweaters.

4. Out with the old.
This can be a hard task for me. I can pretty much talk myself into keep anything even if I haven't worn it in 3 summers. But I am working on breaking the ties. If I am not wearing it, if I avoid wearing it, it needs to go. And to be honest, it kind of feels nice to have less things.

5. Change your toothbrush.
Oh you know, that dental hygiene life. Gotta keep the pearly whites white! And this also helps keep you from putting a bacteria-infested tooth brush in your mouth. Sorry... that was gross.

6. Rotate your mattress.
Another true grown up move. I am not really sure how often it is recommended to do this (I know, I know, I could have taken 2 seconds to do a Google search, but knowing me that would end with me spending an hour looking into all the ins and outs of mattresses and convincing myself to just go get a new one. lol!), but if you have a valley that is difficult to get out of in the mornings, you should probably just flip it or rotate it.

7. Change out your loofa.
Are you a loofa person? Wash cloth? Sponge? Well IF you use a loofa or sponge, treat yourself to a brand spankin' new one! You will feel better. And I am pretty sure your skin will too.

8. Wash your comforter.
Because of dogs laying at the end of my bed I do this more than just seasonally, but if you have been avoiding it this is your chance. This may be more work for some than others if you have to commit to taking it to the dry cleaners, but just take a day this weekend or next week and take the leap.

9. Trash socks without a match.
Yes sister, just do it. I promise your stress and anxiety will decrease 67%.

10. Wipe out the refrigerator.
Do you have a refrigerator that beeps after being open too long? Yea, I do. I know it is just a suggestive reminder to not leave the doors open, but I am positive my pulse raises as I am convinced I need to not keep it open long enough to send out that annoying alert. Kind of like when you hear someone's phone ringing in a store with the same ring tone as your morning alarm. Yes, panic. Anyways, needless to say I don't always love taking everything out and wiping out the refrigerator, but I will give in and do it.

11. Reorganize the Tupperware drawer.
#mostfrustratingtaskever right? There's no easy way around it. No perfect method. Just a cup of coffee to keep ya calm and determination to NOT throw them all away.

12. Change out candles & soaps for fall scents.
Finally one we can all be happy about. I am ordering my fall scented hand soaps, going to Hobby Lobby... or Target... to get me some warm, cozy candles pronto!

Okay ladies, let us know, what did we miss? What else is on your list to tackle this weekend/for the season change?

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