Tuesday Joys

We all need some simple joys in our life. Whether it be a good book, the perfect cup of coffee, a place, or people, if we will stop and take note, we are surrounded by little bits of goodness. As cheesy and cliche as it may sound, those quotes about it not being about the big things, but the small things in life, well, I think they are on to something. Today we are sharing a few of our own simple joys; the little things that are making all the difference right now. Be sure to drop us a line in the comments and let us know some of your simple joys! 

1. Cool, crisp, September air. I love breathing it in right now and feeling it change a little bit more every single day. Walks with Lincoln right now are divine and something I consciously try to enjoy and soak in every day. I leave my phone at home and work on being present and looking up at the trees and the sky (without snapping photos of them) and watching my puppy enjoy the simplest things like patches of lush grass and rain puddles.

2. Cozy evenings on the couch. I love that it’s cool enough to curl up with a blanket and some candles and always a warm drink and my sweet little dog of course. This is something I intentionally create space for in my week.

3. Seeing my relationship with my mom grow and change. I’ve always been close with my mom, but we’re really different and it’s always caused a lot of bickering and tension. It’s been lovely to watch us both evolve and learn each other and truly develop a friendship. I’m so excited to celebrate my 30th birthday in Seattle with my mom :)

4. The friends I’ve found at work. Surprisingly I’ve found Christian community in the last place that I expected to--my work place. It has been so refreshing and life-giving and something that makes every day a little bit brighter for me.

5. My first ever Seattle library card and trips on my walk home for new books to read.

1. My vanilla cold brew! I am loving my vanilla coffee turned into cold brew. I poured it into several mason jars so I can just grab, ice, and go. Yum! 

2. Early mornings. I know, I know, sounds strange, but since I have started training for my half marathon it has forced me to wake up earlier. I haven't every day, but I have found running in the mornings really sets the day off right and helps me accomplish something first thing. And getting to see the sunrise is an extra bonus. 

3. Loafers. Silly, yes, but I am in love with all the loafers! You will most likely hear me talk more about it this Friday, but I am so glad loafers are not hard to come by in any shoe department these days.

4. Friday night football. As a youth pastor I feel like spending Friday nights at a high school football game is pretty standard. Not gonna lie, it will probably move up on my list when it really feels like a fall football game, but I can't help but love everything about the Friday night lights.

5. Dip nails. I thought they were just okay until I tried to go a week without them. Nope. Got these fingers right back in that powder. I am a major fan. Perfect color that doesn't chip, my nails don't break, and there is actually vitamins in the powder to keep my nails strong. I don't know how I can ever go back.

What are some simple things bringing you joy right now? 

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