A Monday Mood Booster

Happy Monday friends!

I know, I know, you may not feel like you have it in you... it being whatever you feel like you are lacking heading into a new week. It could be strength... patience... brain space... creativity... positivity... whatever it is for you, I want to just take a moment and remind you,


In case you missed it, last Thursday we had another live roundtable with our friends Danette, Bridget, and Crystal. We went live on Facebook and Instagram for about 23 minutes and talked about one main thing, "how to have the courage to step out into your calling." It sounds so simple, poetic, and neatly tied into a bow in that sentence, but as our conversation revealed, that is far from true. 

If you are having those questioning thoughts today, wondering if you have it in you, wondering if you were really made for this, let Crystal's words in this clip pound in your heart. 

You are enough.

You were made for this.

You are called.

You are full of purpose.

And we are here telling you, you can do this.

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