Christmas Shopping with Purpose

This year I’m planning to be a Miss Santa Cause when Christmas rolls around. Nope, I didn’t spell that wrong and yes, I couldn’t resist the punny play on words. Sorry not sorry.

This sort of goes against everything that I believe in--discussing Christmas before Thanksgiving. Yep, I’m that girl. Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday. It’s all the warmth and coziness and toasty tastiness of Christmas without the pressure of presents and parties. It’s simpler and more authentic. It’s just food and friends and family with nowhere else to be but together. So, sorry. Today I’m breaking all of my own rules, but I promise it’s for a great cause.

Speaking of…

This month on the blog and our social media and well, basically everywhere we have any sort of platform, has been all about freedom fighting. We’ve been sharing all month long about the problem of human trafficking, our friends and partners in the fight, and what we can all do about such an overwhelming issue. Today we’re delivering on that theme once again.

This year I determined personally to do more than I have ever done before to be a part of the solution. I try to think often of simple and creative ways that I can fight for freedom, because let’s be real, big huge gestures just aren’t always realistic or feasible. But little things in our everyday spaces, we can all do those! I started by finding more accounts to follow on Instagram and then by searching for local organizations I could donate to... and then I had this incredibly fun idea. I decided that this year every single present I purchase for Christmas is going to somehow give back to survivors of human trafficking or organizations that are working to support them. It might be a little bit of a challenge, but then again when have I been known not to love a good challenge!? I might have to do a little bit of digging and think a little bit extra outside of the box, but I am determined that this Christmas will serve a great cause. The sort of cause it was created to serve in the first place---redemptive and restorative with every last penny that I spend and every last present that I present. I want to give to these precious women and children exactly what Jesus gave to me. Hope and freedom and a bright, beautiful future.

So, today I put together a list of all of the places that I’ll be shopping with a cause this Christmas and I decided to share it with you! You have probably seen us highlight several of these businesses and organizations on the blog this month already and we’re bringing them back for more! I’ve also stumbled upon a lot of new (to me) amazing shops that I can’t wait to purchase from. Perhaps we can all shop with great cause this Christmas and remember why we celebrate Christmas in the first place while we do.

I’m sharing some of my favorites below, but I highly encourage you to dig through ALL of these sites and brands because there was just way too much goodness to post here!

For the Ladies in Your Life:



Home Decor


Bags (backpacks, laptop sleeves, purses, travel, wallets, etc.) 


Bath & Body (lotions, soaps, creams, scrubs, etc.)



For the Men in Your Life:


Bags (laptop sleeves, backpacks, etc.)


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