Friday Favorites: Our Favorite Essential Oils for Fall

It’s fall, y'all and by now y'all probably know that we LOVE us some essential oils over at For Glory and Beauty! Just in time for the first weekend in October, we thought we would share some of our favorite oils and blends for the fall! I’m including some quick ideas and references here, but I’ve also included some links that lead to great information and instructions for safe use on the doTERRA website. Be sure to follow along on Instagram this weekend as we’ll be sharing some information and tutorials there!


Breathe/Easy Air: fantastic for cold/flu/allergy season, minty fresh for diffusing and help with runny, stuffy noses also great on diffusing jewelry.

Cedarwood: diffusing (I sub this for lavender as a relaxing sleepy time scent in the fall and winter as it has a more autumnal aroma), great for skin and a natural insect repellent

Cinnamon: diffusing (what says fall and holiday season better than cinnamon!?), baking, and great for metabolic and immune support

Clove: great for diffusing (get that “I’ve been baking all day” scent in your house without baking all day…) and also great to cook with!

Cypress: diffusing (fresh, fall forest scent) great for giving you energy, keeping you awake and alert, and lifting your mood

On Guard: diffusing (it has a great holiday scent), supports a healthy immune system and guards against sickness. Great for diffuser jewelry as well and applied to the bottoms of feet

Rosemary: diffusing for mental focus and clarity, great to combat fatigue and to support helathy respiratory and digestive functions

Siberian Fir: diffusing (if you want your house to smell like a fresh forest on the verge of Christmas), great for emotional balance and anti-anxiety

Roller Blends

Traveling Mercies
-10 drops On Guard
-10 drops Lemon
-10 drops Melaleuca
-Top off with fractionated coconut oil

**this is a blend I whip up and use whenever I have to jet set or travel around lots of people in closed spaces...and honestly I just keep using it all season long. It’s great to keep your immune system strong and to prevent sickness often caught in these situations. I make it in a roller bottle and apply to the bottoms of my feet, inside of my wrists, behind my ears, and down the back of my neck.

Fall Focus
-10 drops Siberian Fir
-10 drops Cypress
-10 drops Rosemary
-Top off with fractionated coconut oil 

Favorite Fall Diffuser Blends

Fresh Fall Forest
-3 drops White Fir/Siberian Fir
-3 drops Breathe/Easy Air

Falling Asleep in the Fall
-4 drops Cedarwood
-3 drops On Guard

“I’ve Been Baking All Day”
-3 drops Cinnamon
-3 drops Clove

Fall Foliage
-2 drops Cedarwood
-2 drops Siberian Fir
-2 drops Cypress
-2 drops Clove

Fall Clearing
-3 drops Cypress
-3 drops Breathe
-2 drops Rosemary

Kick the Cold to the Curb
-4 drops On Guard
-3 drops Breathe

( I do want to note here that this is in no way a sales pitch for doTERRA oils, I just felt it was a great resource to go with our recommendations, and they happen to be the brand I’m most familiar with.)

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