Teaming Up Tuesday: Ending It with Trades of Hope


I am so excited to bring you our October Series: Teaming Up Tuesdays. For the rest of this month, every Tuesday, we’ll be introducing you to amazing women who are doing amazing things in the fight to end modern day slavery. Our prayer is that in sharing stories of rescue and hope and action, we will inspire you to do something about it too!

Without further ado, I am thrilled to introduce you to our first partner. This sweet soul is sharing her heart and her business with you today and her passion to empower women. (She may or may not be sharing a super sweet deal from her shop as well, but you’ll have to stick around to the end to find out!) Meet our dear friend Stephanie from Trades of Hope!

Company: Trades of Hope

Founders:​​ Two mom/daughter teams from Florida

Founder Holly with artisans in northeast Asia who had been trafficked into brothels there. 
They have been freed and now have dignified and sustainable work through this this artisan group!

Founder Elisabeth visiting artisans in Uganda who make beautiful paper bead jewelry!

What you’re all about:​​ Trades of Hope is a fair-trade certified company that exists to empower women around the world out of extreme circumstances like poverty, slavery, sex-trafficking, discrimination and oppression.

What was your spark:​​ Three years ago, after a battle with cancer, I found myself really wanting to do something that would not only help me pay off medical debt, but that would allow me to help others who were hurting in any way. I wanted to do something that I knew was making a difference! Not long after having that initial feeling, I found Trades of Hope through Instagram. After visiting the website I immediately knew this was something I wanted to be involved with! I loved the mission, the products and the founders’ hearts for helping women around the world! I’m two and a half years into partnering with this company and I am still head over heels!

Stephanie in Haiti last June meeting some of our artisan partners there! We just made cereal box bead bracelets together!

In your opinion--the biggest misunderstanding or misconception surrounding human trafficking: ​​So many people think they can’t DO anything themselves to put an end to human trafficking. But, by partnering with companies like Trades of Hope, it’s possible to prevent it, free victims and, I believe, end it altogether! Because our artisan partners have better income, better housing, better transportation, etc, they are statistically a lot less likely to be picked up by traffickers. Some of our partners literally go and rescue women and girls from slavery situations! It’s amazing that just by marketing beautiful, handmade items, that we can be a part of this!

Favorite Victory to Date: ​​August 4th, 2018 - being recognized as the top seller for Trades of Hope for the past 12 months! My reward? A donation, in my name, of six months of education for 50+ children at a slum school in India!!

Compassion Tote from India.

Favorite Survivor or Support Story: ​​A group we partner with in Pakistan works with women who are often forced to become bond slaves to land owners, which means they owe them money and can’t leave until they pay off their debts. Sometimes they are born into this situation and sometimes they’ve had to borrow money because of a wedding or illness in the family. It can take years and years to pay this debt back - especially at the seven CENTS a day that most of them make… But because of the partnership with Trades of Hope, they are able to become independent and earn a much better income to pay their debts off faster! ​They are able to provide for their families without having to sacrifice their freedom!!

Fanfare Earrings from Thailand and Nyla Bracelet from India.

Person or Organization that inspired/inspires you to keep going: ​​All of our artisans inspire me to keep going, to keep working every day to market their gorgeous products, which in turn empowers them to be the heroes of their own stories! They endure so much more than they should have to, so much more than we can ever fathom, and yet they continue to get up every day to do what they can to provide for their families. If I can help even just one of them, I will!

Favorite Item in Your Shop: ​​The Warrior Cuff (also available in silver)! It reminds me of the warrior that I am having survived cancer and it reminds me of the warriors that our artisans are as they battle each day to change the trajectory of their lives and their children’s lives!

(Products left to right: Restoring Hope Necklace from northeast Asia / Grace Earrings from the Philippines and the Chelsie Necklace and Warrior Cuff from India / Grace Earrings from the Philippines and Nyla Set from India)

The one thing you hope people take away from reading this: That you can know you can DO something to put an end to human trafficking! Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much! The more voices we have for our artisan partners, the more of them we can take on and the less evil has a chance to get ahold of them! If you’d like to learn more about hosting a Hope Gathering or joining the Trades of Hope sisterhood, please contact me! It makes a world of difference for thousands around the world!

Currently in the shop: We have a scarf promotion going on right now. Customers can add anything at all to their cart and will have the option at check out to add one or more of six different scarves for just $8 each! It’s a great way to stock up on meaningful and purposeful gifts for the holidays! A purchase with purpose!

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