Thirty Ways I'm Celebrating 30!

Well, here we are.
Three decades down.

I remember when 30 felt so far away--impossible--like I would never ever reach it. I remember when I was writing a post about the last three months before I turned 30.

It’s never felt more appropriate to use the phrase, “Time flies when you’re having fun.’

I must have been having a whole lot of fun because it feels as if time has zoomed at rocket speed to right here and right now.

But somehow I’m okay with it--super okay with it--the right here and right now. It’s not at all what I imagined, and I’m okay with that too.

Here’s what I know about me at 30 years of age. I am a perfectionist for better or for worse. I am insanely reflective and sentimental and introspective. I have loved Africa and the color yellow and hot air balloons for as long as I can remember. A fluffy little white dog has stolen my heart. I finally understand what it means to become friends with your mother. I love anticipating things and I’m a little bit obsessed with making lists.

Let’s go with those last two. I’ve basically been prepping and anticipating my 30th birthday since a few weeks before my 29th birthday. In part because I love the build up and looking forward to things, and in part because I am crazy about making the most of every single moment (literally and figuratively.) And in doing so, I’ve been making lists like crazy. It’s helped me to look back at where I’ve come from, to focus on where I am right now, and to look forward to the next decade. Today I’m going to share with you just one of my lists and a list of the lists that I’m still working on to carry me into my thirties and beyond. Did you hear that--a list of lists--so very like me.

(all month long)

1. Rewatch Friends S7 E14 “The One where They All Turn 30”

2. Watch 13 Going on 30
3. Birthday Brunch

4. Fresh flowers (unlimited) all month long

5. Fall Shopping (can someone say sweaters and boots!?)

6. Pumpkin patch day

7. Donut day (birthday week)

8. Try 3 new pumpkin recipes

9. Make bags for the girls at REST (a local ministry that helps survivors of HT)

10. Go to the SAM and write and wander (Seattle Art Museum)

11. Throw/host a fall party with friends
12. hayride + bonfire

13. Sunday evening at St. Mark’s

14. Fall photography day (with Libs)
15. New plant babies from The Plant Shop

16. Lots of masking

17. Chili for days

18. Treat myself to some products from shops that support HT survivors and causes

19. Go for a long run in the city

20. Watch Under the Tuscan Sun (for the 3 millionth time)

21. Choose a favorite photo to put on canvas and display

22. Create lots of 30’s lists (a 30’s guidebook of sorts)

23. Get a print of my scripture for this decade

24. Beach day with scarf +sweater+writing+coffee

25. Put a new piece of bright pink bubble gum on the Gum Wall

26. Fly my floral kite on kite hill

27. Plan my trip to Europe

28. Eat + write at Volunteer Park Cafe

29. Bake for my neighbors and coworkers

30. Order new doTERRA oils (magnolia please)

Other lists I’ll be working on this year--and decade--I suppose. You know it’s funny. I had been looking for the perfect journal or notebook to house all of this list making, and then my Auntie sent me the sweetest little notebook for my birthday!

>30 Ways to Celebrate 30 (this year)

>30 Things to Read While I’m 30

>30 Letters to Write While I’m 30

>30 Things to Leave in My 20’s

>30 Things I’m Going to do to End Modern Day Slavery in My 30’s

>30 Places to Go in My 30’s

>30 Scriptures that got me to 30

>30 of My All Time Faves

>30 Things that I’m Sure of by Now

>30 Things to Learn/Try in My 30’s

>30 Things I’m Most Grateful For

>30 Favorite Memories from My 20’s

>30 Times God has been Faithful (in my first 3 decades)

>30 Goals for My 30’s

>30 Things I Love About Me

>30 Habits to Make and Keep in My 30’s

I feel so certain that so much more adventure and love and laughter and learning lies ahead. I’m ready to take on this next season and to share it with all of you!

Let me know what other lists you would like me to share with you. I may also request some help and suggestions in finishing them off!

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