5 Ways NOT to Overdo It This Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving week!! And we are giving thanks for YOU, friend. We are so thankful to have you in this community, living as the beauty God created you to be, all for His glory. We are grateful.

While you already may be anticipating the bloated stomach and sluggish side effects that can come with a Thanksgiving meal, we want you to live it up! We truly have so much to be thankful for and we want you to enjoy all the loved ones that will gather around a table, give thanks, and engage with each other. No schedule. No timeline. Just love and family.

To avoid all those crummy side effects, including guilt because of that second slice of pie, we put together a list of a few ways to NOT overdo it this Thanksgiving. No shame in our game, right? So, here they are:

1. Drink 2 glasses of water before feasting
Not to get on the soap box of the importance of water, but we all know we need it. However, did you know drinking water can curb your appetite? Not that we want to replace food with water, but sometimes our bodies can confuse real hunger with thirst. Moral of the story, if you are feeling hungry but don't feel like you should be hungry quite yet, maybe you are just thirsty. Drink some water and see.

For Thanksgiving try to drink two full glasses of water before starting your feast. This will actually help you slow down and really know what your cravings are and when you are full. And hydration is always a good idea!

2. Strategize your plate
If you are anything like me, my typical strategy when filling my plate is to get what I think will run out the fastest... not selfish at all, right? Ha! But let's talk strategy here for a second.

-Start small. Portion control is a great way to stay on track. There are always so many things to try, so start with a very small portion of everything you want to try and then go back for the things you really love.

-Start with the veggies. I know, I know, who wants a salad or veggies when there are so many yummy casseroles?! But don't skip the veggies. Of course they are good for you, but they will also help control your portions on the not so good for you things because you are filling up on the guilt-free items.

-Dessert is where everything goes south. But again, go for a sample of all the things, then you can decide what you really want to splurge on. Let's be honest, they all look good, but we know looks can be deceiving.

3. Plan games and activities for the day
This tip can also keep the fun times rolling but also keep you from sitting and going into a turkey coma. It's especially easy when kids are involved, but bring games or come up with some activities that will keep people connecting and also get everyone moving. So simple and you will feel a difference in your energy level.

And just to help you out with this, check back in on Thanksgiving morning for some easy printable activities and coloring pages for the kids and adults right here on For Glory & Beauty!

4. Sign up for a Turkey Trot
Don't tune me out yet! If you haven't done a Turkey Trot before you may not realize, but these 5k and fun runs really are a lot of fun, especially when you are with a group. It's not meant to be a run your guts out kind of event, it is meant to be fun and still festive.

Google it for your area. They are all over the place, with some happening on Thanksgiving morning and others on the day after Thanksgiving. It really is a fun tradition to start with family and friends.

5. Get rid of the sweets
Yes and amen! If Thanksgiving lunch and dinner isn't enough, a lot of times the remnants of it are where the trouble happens. A week later and we are still snacking on pecan pie! Maybe you don't have this problem, but one good idea would be to leave the pie with the Thanksgiving host, or divvy it up, letting whoever would like a piece to take a slice home for later. Spread the sweets... I mean the love.

What are some of your methods for NOT overdoing it on Thanksgiving? 

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