Skincare for the Seasons

Full disclosure: This is not a makeup tutorial post. This isn't even a "do as I do" or "use what I use" post. This is just me sharing what I do in my skincare and makeup routine that may give you ideas of what may work for you.

Truthfully, I don't spend much time on my makeup. Maybe 5-10 minutes. That may seem like a lot for some of you and it may seem like nothing to others, but I have gotten in a rhythm for my makeup and skincare routine with little brain work involved. So you know what we're working with, here is an overview of what my daily routine looks like.

1. Wash face
2. Apply a day solution (protects from sun damage and other pollutants)
3. Apply moisturizer with SPF
4. Apply makeup

1. Wash face
2. Remove leftover eye makeup with oil free makeup remover
3. Use toner
4. Apply a night solution that replenishes and rebuilds skin
5. Apply moisturizer (same as morning moisturizer)

1-2 times/week
1. Face mask
2. Nose pore stripes

There are a few things I do differently in the warm seasons versus the cold seasons. One of those things is the kind of foundation I use. When things start heating up the makeup tends to come off, am I right? It tends to look cake-y and feels thick especially outdoors when the glistening (sweating)  starts. For that reason I tend to only use a mineral powder for foundation, unless there is a special event or occasion.

It is important to wear foundation of some kind. Some suggest that foundation only serves to clog your pores, but it actually protects your face. The air carries pollutants and free radicals that are a high source of skin aging and damage. Wearing a foundation of some kind protects your bare skin by creating a barrier. Of course you want to get a foundation you are comfortable putting on your skin. Skin is our largest organ so we want to be sure we are being smart about what we put on it/in it.

During warm months I also use face masks focused on cleansing and brightening. I won't lie, I like to get tan in the summer. But as I have gotten older I am much more concerned with my skin health and avoiding sun damage. Note I said avoiding sun damage, not the sun. Our skin benefits greatly from the right amounts of sun.

Like I mentioned, I do foundation differently for the hot and cold seasons. When things cool down I use a cream foundation with the same mineral powder I use in summer on top to seal it. The cream foundation does provide more coverage, but it also helps lock in moisture so the cold, brisk air doesn't dry out my face throughout the day.

I also switch to face masks focused on moisture! I really love ones that you can sleep in overnight. Our skin does the most repairing and healing while we sleep so it is great to sleep in a moisturizing mask that can work its magic all night long.

Y'all. I know. It's nothing fancy, but there it is. And it makes sense, right? The seasons are changing so it is fitting we respond accordingly and take care of our skin well. I would love to hear your seasonal changes too! Help a sister out and leave them in the comments below.

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