Teaming Up and Fighting On

Remember that little post about messy Mondays and being a little bit behind….

Well, here we are!

During the month of October, we were bringing you Teaming Up Tuesdays--lots of amazing women and brands who are working hard to fight for the freedom of those enslaved in human trafficking. I LOVED that series. Due to a few messy Mondays and a busy season of freedom fighting, we are extending the rest of our Teaming Up Tuesdays into November. And I suppose since it’s not Tuesday, we can call this one Freedom Fighting Friends on Friday! I like it! I sort of have a thing for alliterations...

I am SO excited about this freedom fighting friend we are sharing with you today--and another super amazing weekend giveaway to go with! Melody is coming to our blog from Down Under--that’s right--Australia! Her heart is so full and so lovely and everything their org is doing and sharing is pushing me to fight harder and speak up louder than ever before. I know it’s going to do the same for you! Without further ado...

Be Hers 

Founding Director Melody Towns.

Directors & Executive: 
Aeshlie Wheeler, Liane Pearson, Hannah Vasicek (Francesca Collections), Talita Estelle (Esther & Co.)

What You’re All About:
Using our freedom to fight for the freedom of other women and children trapped in sexual slavery and exploitation around the globe,

Our message: Be Inspired, Be Empowered, Fight for Freedom!
We empower women locally to fight for freedom globally through education, awareness events, social enterprise and partnership with anti-trafficking organizations working to free women and children.

What was your spark?
Sitting in a conference with my newborn daughter on my lap hearing of other little girls just like her who not only had their freedom and their futures stolen but who were abused daily in the most horrific ways. I couldn’t understand how this could be happening and was determined to do something about it by sharing what I heard with my sphere of influence and gathering together to fight against this issue. What started as a small group of women hosting a little high tea years ago has turned into a movement of thousands of women across Australia making a difference together by giving a voice to the voiceless.

In your opinion--what is the biggest misunderstanding/misconception surrounding human trafficking?
“It’s something that doesn’t affect us here”
That’s NOT true.. It affects everyone in every nation, every suburb, every backyard, every computer screen around the world. The objectification and misvalue of women is the beginning of the cycle. As free women, we can use our freedom to fight for hers!

Favorite victory to date:
Selling out our hometown Be Her Freedom event to 1000 women in under a week. Amazed at the capacity and generous hearts of our community!

Favorite support/survivor story:
Out of the hundreds of thousands of dollars we have raised my favorite is actually a recent initiative. The simple act of resetting a survivor's teeth. A young girl in Cambodia who has been sexually exploited for years. To give her back her dignity in such a simple way meant so much!

Person or organization that inspired/inspires you to keep going:
Bobbie Houston always encourages us to stay the path! Running this movement via volunteers for almost eight years hasn’t always been easy but the favour asn the reward of being faithful has been immeasurable. It was created to give, but I have feel though it my life has been so blessed!

Favorite item in your shop:
The Freedom necklace is a stunning simple piece that promotes conversation. I never take it off.

The one thing you hope people take away from reading this:
Girl you can change the world! All I ever had was a desire to see change, some young children, a group of friends and a playground to network at. Don't ever underestimate what God can do through an ordinary person!

You can find out more and follow the fight with Be Hers on their website, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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