Beat the Post Holiday Blues

Well, it’s that time of year again. All of the sparkle and shimmer and hustle and bustle of the holidays are gone—faded away into the long, cold winter (depending where you are I suppose) and it sort of feels like there’s nothing to really look forward to. Besides piles of dirty snow and taking down all of the decorations.

I’ll be honest. I love anticipating things and all of the energy leading up to big days and big moments—I live having something to look forward to. The after holiday lull can really get to me. I’m actually feeling it now pretty hard core even though I don’t fly back to Seattle until Tuesday! I’m already thinking about my overflowing email inbox and my cold, rainy commute and feeling a little blue. Anyone else feel me?

Today we’re sharing some ideas for beating the blues that try to settle in now that all of the Christmas magic is over.

1. Don’t rush to get those decorations down. I know in my house growing up we were always trying to beat the Christmas vacation clock and get the decorations packed up before everyone went back to school. I’m so not about that and I have every intention of letting my tree hang around through January. In fact, I intentionally decorated for “winter” more than Christmas. I know my mom has an extensive snowman collection so that they can hang around through January. I say that an evergreen and some white twinkle lights can help to keep spirits up and warm up your space on long cold winter nights. Maybe put the Santas and the handmade ornaments away, but the white lights and beads and trucks with trees in tow can stay!

2. Save some holiday fun and activity for the week after Christmas. Of course it’s fun to squeeze in all of the cookie decorating and ice skating and gift exchanges in the weeks and days leading up to Christmas, but it’s no big deal to let the holiday fun spill over into the following weeks. It tends to be a little more relaxed and enjoyable also as everyone is past most of the Christmas prep and stress. I always pack some holiday hangouts for this post Christmas week and my family even waits to open some of our presents too!

3. Make some plans with friends or family for post Christmas shopping and lunch or coffee. I always enjoy strolling stores this week for extra cheap wrapping paper and sweaters to tuck away for next year. It’s extra enjoyable because there is no pressure to find the perfect present, just the excitement of scoring an extra great and unexpected deal!

4. Set aside time to get in all of your favorite holiday films that you didn’t have a chance to watch in all the crazy leading up to Christmas. Now you can sit back and enjoy and keep the Christmas spirit alive a little longer without feeling guilty about everything you should be getting done. Enjoy some leftover Christmas cookies and all the snuggly socks you collected and cozy up. My list of still need to watch includes: The Holiday and Home Alone Lost in New York.

5. Make time to sit down and enjoy Christmas presents together. So often we get some really cool stuff from friends and family, and then we rush back to work and school and never really take time to enjoy them. I’ll be spending an afternoon with my mom to set up the Fitbit watches she got us off the Home Shopping Network—wish me luck! Just kidding—sort of—but actually! Put puzzles together, play together with new favorite toys, sit down together over new movies—enjoy the gifts and your people together!

6. Write thank you notes! I know I know you just finished getting out those Christmas cards, but I know this always lifts my spirits. People don’t often think to send thank you notes at Christmas because everyone is giving gifts and so we somehow think that makes it all even. But I promise this will brighten EVERYONE’S spirits. And not just for gifts—thank someone for a lovely holiday party in their home or for making time to spend with you during the busy holiday season or just for the way they supported you this year!

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