Favor is Costly

“Mary was highly favored and it cost her her life. “

I’ve forever admired Mary the mother of Jesus and her part in the redemption story. I love that she said yes to a really hard ask with such grace. I’ve always hoped that I would follow in her footsteps.

My pastor made this statement the other night at our Christmas Eve service and it really struck me. I’ve always loved the story of Mary and how God chose her and favored her, but I guess I never realized that it actually cost her everything to say yes.

God’s favor is not just for the sake of giving us a good life—though He loves us and does show favor for the sake of His love. He favors us with purpose. Anything we receive from Him should be considered a resource to pour back into His causes and His Kingdom. That’s exactly how Mary saw the favor of God on her. Not only did she sacrifice her reputation and probably many of her friends, she gave her whole life and her whole heart for the Salvation of humanity—literally and metaphorically. She spent her life raising our Savior and then she gave Him away—watched Him die—for our sake.

When we recognize that God has chosen us and placed His favor on us, we should also recognize the responsibility that comes with. 

It’s also miraculous that Mary found God’s favor in what He asked of her. It would have been so easy to feel burdened or punished somehow, but instead she prayed for His perspective and His will and found His favor and His grace in the midst of the chaos.

I think about how often we view the things that God brings to us and asks of us as burdens and punishments, when actually they are His favor upon our lives if only we could see them through His eyes and His heart. If only we could see that He loves us enough to invite us and allow us to be a part of His bigger story and His redeeming purposes. Even when He asks really hard and holy things of us—might we choose to see His love and favor in them and His invitation to partner with Him in redeeming humanity.

Sharing one of my all time favorite songs with you here. It has become my prayer in so many ways and I hope it speaks to your heart today as well.

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