Here We Go Again + GIVEAWAY

Guys—how on earth did this happen!? How are we literally at the edge of 2019!?

I still have vivid memories of the end of 1999, everyone in a panic that the world certainly would fall off its axis at midnight on December 31. We simply could not move forward into 2000–at least without a good flashlight and huge supply of bottled water and canned goods in our basements.

And here we are nearly 20 years later. The time still zooming by and pushing us forward whether we like it or not. And somehow every time we celebrate the end of one year and welcome in a new one, we are surprised that we’ve ended up here again so quickly.

I don’t know about you, but I get pretty reflective right about now. Well, even more so than normally. I’m a journaler and a list maker and a goal setter. So, I find myself looking back over last year’s list and coming down pretty hard on myself for all of the things I didn’t accomplish or stick with. I know I always bite off too much—get carried away and determined that I’ll fix all the things I’ve always wanted to fix in the next 365.25 days, but still I set the bar high each and every December 31.

I don’t know that that’s necessarily a bad thing. I’m still undecided. I suppose I would rather set a high bar and get close than to set a low bar and not go or grow as far as I could have.

I’m gonna keep setting the resolution bar high, can I get an amen!?

I shared with you back in July my resolution strategy for 2018 ("Halfway There and Literally Living On A Prayer"). The link is there so you don’t have to bear through a catch up session. Today I’m going to reflect with you and let you know how it worked, the things I feel I really accomplished (not just checked off a list) and the things that will be put back on my list for 2019.

Last year I spit out everything that I wanted to fix or change or grow in onto a piece of paper and then I categorized them—because in true Rachel fashion, it was a lot of things. Categories for 2018 included: Organic, Intentional, Discipline, Community, Deeper. Each month I added a few things to each category that I wanted to focus on, or I kept things that I felt I hadn’t come far enough with. Here’s my 2018–oh—and if you hang with me, there may or may not be a fun giveaway at the end of this post!

Organic: Here is honestly where I made the most practical and simple and sustainable changes. This is absolutely the category where I feel I accomplished the most—I now use chemical free shampoo and conditioner and toothpaste and deodorant and cleaning products. Anything and everything I bring into my home is ethically made and free from harmful chemicals. I use toothbrushes made from natural and recycled materials and glass storage instead of plastic. I did make a move back to Seattle, which made this a much easier success as my city is notoriously “green” I was really thankful for that and I’ve really found a new rhythm in regards to more organic living.

Intentional: This category covered a lot of ground this year. I focused on drinking more water, a better exercise focus, building community, finding a church and having people in my home—well. “Drink more water,” made it on the list every single month and will absolutely carry over into 2019. This one is a constant struggle for me (why can’t coffee count!?) and something I’m continuously pushing myself to be better at for so many reasons. I did make some amazing friends at work and we celebrated lots of special and everyday things in my beloved little studio. Digging into church was hard and it’s been a long process—I’m still getting there and working through that as we move into 2019, but still trusting God to provide that safe space for me.

Community: This was a little bit more honed in for me. I was moving to a “new” city and I knew very well that community would not come easy. I also knew that I needed to make it a priority to build it or I would wilt beneath the dark and heavy clouds. Church was of course a part of this as well as beginning to create solid friendships. I don’t feel like I accomplished nothing here, but I also realize this one is a process by nature and so I will keep this a focus in 2019 as well.

Discipline: Believe it or not, I also had “drink more water” on this list several times and still couldn’t seem to get serious about it. This category for me was more about exercise and time with Jesus—making my bed is another that showed up and will make the list again this year. To be honest, time with Jesus ebbed and flowed. I had really strong seasons and then plenty of seasons when I allowed work to consume my life and way too much Netflix and Hulu. As for exercising, I’ve finally got myself back to a happy and healthy place and I’m thankful to have come out of the rut I was in last year at this time.

Deeper: This one was all about Jesus and it will probably make my list every single year that I’m gifted on this earth. Because there’s always another level and another layer—we’ve always got further to go!

So—what about 2019–what’s my strategy or my word or whatever? I gotta be straight with you. I’ve had absolutely no time to get quiet and spend time asking God for direction, but in His extreme kindness, He sort of just gave it to me.

This year is going to be the year of M O R E and perhaps a bit less as well.

More saving. More exploring. More drinking water. More time with Jesus. More quiet. More time by the sea. More cooking. More reading. More volunteering. More giving. More taking care of my health. More freedom fighting. And. A whole lot less social media and watching.

I know I know it sounds like a lot. But I’ve determined to read this list at the start of every week—to keep it where I can see it and bite it off in tiny pieces and choices every single day. No specific goals or numbers, just more of these things that I know are life-giving to me.


I grabbed a super helpful and pretty planner for 2019 (even though I already had one) and I couldn’t resist grabbing an extra to share with one of you! It’s got all of the year’s holidays at a quick glance, two calendar views and layouts, plenty of note taking space, goal tracking sheets for each month, a place to note important dates in your year, and it’s adorbs. I want to gift it to one of you so you can better focus your 2019! All you’ve got to do is comment below on this blog post with one of your New Year's Resolutions for 2019! We want to get inspired by all of you because we know you’ve got some great ideas!

Thanks for hanging with us in 2018! 
We can’t wait for more life together in 2019!


  1. This year I commit to reading more and conquering part of the huge stack of books I’ve always intended to read.

  2. One of my resolutions is to spend less money!

  3. I’m making a big resultion to drink more water, excessive more and eat way less sugar! Major sweet tooth!

  4. I am going to get my kids into a routine and get myself out of mom survival mode!

  5. I’m not a resolution setter but I was encouraged by a sermon recently to “make progress daily” whether that be spiritually, with my family, in my relationships, etc. I’m encouraged after reading this to set some specific goals in those areas! ❤️

  6. I love the idea of goals but so often we always set so many that we don’t follow through! I this year have set goals spiritually and mentally with my friends and well as personally excited to see what this year holds!

  7. Several resolutions including finishing the novel I’ve been writing for yearsssss and also to master fancy hand lettering :D


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