Merry Mexican Christmas!


Happy Monday Friends!

If you follow along with our Insta stories then you probably know what’s coming, but it was just too much fun not to elaborate on a bit!

Yesterday I hosted some of my friends for a Christmas party of sorts and our friend secret Santa! I adore hosting friends and making my home a space where people feel welcomed and all of the warm and fuzzy vibes. I love when people love to be in my house and when I see them curl up on my couch, pour themselves a cup of coffee, and start taking selfies with my pup—those are sure signs that my casa is their casa and not many things make my heart more full. That hospitality/hostess piece of me comes straight from my mama and years of my parents opening our home to anyone and everyone who wanted a place at our table or on our sofa.

Fast forward 20 years to a teeny tiny apartment on the other side of the country, and not so much has changed. I’m still throwing parties and theming them and making sure everything is just so before people come on over.

I do love a good party theme and finding a way for all of the little details and activities to follow suit. After our Friendsgiving last month, I decided we would keep this one simple and a bit less involved. What simpler party food is there than tacos!? Well maybe pizza, but American tacos are a close second + it’s easy to divi up what everyone brings!

I know I know—you’re like—tacos Rachel? Seriously? For a Christmas party?

Yes!! Listen, I love all of the familiarity and tradition that is Christmas. The things that we look forward to every year, but I’m also a huge advocate of shaking things up and putting a spin on tradition and making new memories. I like using untraditional shades of red and green and all of the silly, quirky wrapping paper that Target and TJ Max lure me in with every year, and I love putting a fun twist on some Christmas classics!

This year I decided on a little south-of-the- border spin. In case you don’t know, I recently lived in MX for two years. It was not my forever home but it certainly made a forever mark on my heart, and it’s so much a part of who I am here and now. I purposely purchased plates and glasses and other dinnerware while living there much to the surprise of my friends and fellow teachers. Usually people come there not knowing how long they’ll stay and they use whatever was left behind. There’s a strong temptation to not really settle or invest or put down roots. I did a lot of that, but there is something really important to me about making myself at home wherever I am and for however long I might be there. I think it’s important to create a sense of home always—a space where you can unwind and relax and breath deeply—a space that you can invite people into and share your heart and your story. To carry those things forward and let them tell parts of your story that you left behind to friends in new spaces. 

So, I spread the sarape down the center of my table and I set out my all-season green, woven placemats, and I laid my eclectic mismatching dishes all around and adorned with little Mexican trinkets and some baby Christmas tree ferns, and I invited people that I love to my table. We shared American tacos and Costco cookies (the super soft extra yummy ones) and we shared a lot of laughter and life. I told stories about my life in Mexico over those beautiful dishes that have survived a lot of shipping and cross country moves, and I let these sweet friends a little deeper into my heart and watched them weave a little more intricately into my story.

What’s my point?

You do you! Christmas traditions are lovely, but Christmas personalized to your story and your family is even lovelier! Don’t just invite people over, invite them into your home and into your story! The easiest way to do that is to let your home tell your story! Have a butter dish you bought at that little market in Italy? Set it out (even if it doesn’t match the decor or for the Christmas color scheme.) Missing that one Christmas you spent in China long ago? Plan a Chinese Christmas and share it with new friends! You follow what I’m saying here, right? Don’t be afraid to change it up and mix it up! What fun are Christmas parties and traditions if you’re just going through the motions? Christmas is meant to bring us closer to the people that we love and to encourage us to open our hearts to the friends we haven’t made yet. Have some fun, get creative, and figure out how you’ll personalize your festivities this year! And the please do share!

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