5 Simple Skincare Switch Ups

About two years ago, I attended one of those Mary Kay open houses. You know, the ones where they ask for volunteers to have their makeup done and tell you about their products and such? One of my mom’s friends had invited me to be her model for the evening. I figured why the heck not? It sounded fun enough. The consultant asked me what my skin care routine was, and I sort of just shrugged. I didn’t really have one...I mean I used face wash and mineral makeup and…….

“Oh Honey!”--she almost gasped. In shock of course. “How old are you?”

“29”--I responded

“Well girly you’re at least four years behind!”

Oh boy.

Typically I’m a bit of a skeptic about a lot of things, I did hear her. I was quickly approaching 30 and I figured it probably was about time that I paid some attention to my skin, especially my face. I started by purchasing the Mark Kay Charcoal Mask (a fav of D and I) and then the interest grew from there. Masks and creams and serums and oils. The beauty section at TJ Maxx quickly became one of my new favorite places to wander.

Now, by no means am I a skin care or product pro and I still don’t have some crazy over the top line of products or routine. Two years later I am honestly still experimenting and finding what works for me. But, skeptical as I may have been, I do have to admit that I’ve seen improvement in my skin as I’ve shown it some love. I thought maybe I would share with you just a few simple things I switched up to start moving in the right direction and I suppose make up for lost time!

1. Pat vs. Rub
I read this one a lot once I started delving into skin care info. The skin on our face (especially around our eyes) tends to be more delicate and so rubbing it with rough towels can do more harm than good--even when it feels like we’re just really getting a good clean. When you wash your face, pat it dry with a towel, if you’re applying cream, dab or pat it in. Our skin takes quite a beating from the elements on the daily, we might as well go gentle on it when we can! I won’t lie--this takes a bit of practice and intention because it’s so natural to rub and scrub, but I think the habit change has been worth it for me!

2. Make Space for Masks
Masks have been a fun way for me to show my skin more love. I love finding new ones and pretty ones that do all sorts of cool and amazing things---this is also part of my self care space as well, so I figure I’m sort of killing two birds with one stone. Once or twice a week, I try to find 20 minutes (usually before I shower) to put on a mask. Sometimes I do it while I’m cleaning or cooking and other times I do it with the intention to sit down and be still and read or watch a show. Either way, it’s a moment in the week that I look forward to and something that has been good for my skin as well. I try to use the charcoal mask once a week as that’s purifying and does your pores a lot of good. I’ve got a rose gel bask that’s for calming and brightening and then I keep some fun sheet masks on hand as well for when I’m feeling a girls night in--usually with Lincoln.I also really love a good sleep mask--one that you just put on and let soak in overnight. Sephora has some great options for those! I’ll list a few of my favorites below:

-Trader Joe’s cucumber sheet mask

-Sephora Sleep Mask (these are great because you get at least 4-5 uses out of them which is great for the price and they have a whole line of them for all sorts of different focuses. Just store in a plastic bag between uses) You can check them all out here!

3. Eye Cream is Eye Opening
Like I said, I don’t have a whole line up of products that I use, but eye cream is an essential for me. Once she mentioned that I might be behind on the skin care wagon, I started noticing that I’m prone to under eye bags and dark circles. I’ve got light skin, so they show up even more I think. It’s taken me awhile to find something that works for me and doesn’t irritate my eyes (I’ve got super sensitive skin). A lot of things I’ve tried (all natural I’ll add) have dried out my skin and even left my eyelids itching and peeling. I JUST landed on a product that I love. It’s the extreme hydrating eye cream from Burt’s Bees with clary sage. I put some on in the morning usually or at night if I forgot earlier in the day. I notice a HUGE difference when I’m consistent to do this!

4. Consistency
Speaking of consistency….this one is tricky for me. I can be a little bit all over the place and not exactly a creature of habit and routine. I’m not the girl who has a very laid out morning or bedtime routine. I get it all done, but it just sort of happens as it happens for me. That being said, one thing I’ve tried to change and improve on in regards to skin care is being consistent. I know the only way to see change and have real effect is to use the products consistently. Slowly but surely it’s becoming something that I feel good about doing at the start and end of my day. I’m not perfect yet, but I’m certainly more consistent than I was with my random and essentially nonexistent skin care routine a couple of years back!

5. Make it Fun
This is huge for me. Often “health” related things can feel like a task or a chore to me--one more thing I have to remember. Believe me, I can be super scatterbrained and awful at remembering things like this. So, I’ve got to find ways to make it enjoyable and something I look forward to. From time to time I wander the beauty aisle of TJ Maxx just to see if there are any fun new products to try, and I love hunting down a new face wash or cream once I’ve run out. I’m definitely NOT the girl who sticks to the same products every time around. Half the fun for me is picking out something new. Now, that could be because I’m still in the experimental phase also. Of course there are some things that stay the same--it has to be completely natural and made with very simple and earth friendly ingredients, and they usually have the same focus or goals. Just be sure to feel your medicine cabinet with products that “spark joy” and that inspire you to use them everyday.

Listen, Chicas. I’m certain I haven’t shared anything revolutionary here--these are just the simple switches I’ve made that have given me big results. I’ve done a lot of reading on the topic and these are the takeaways that I found approachable enough to add to my daily life and get them to stick. Hope they’ll resonate with you! As always, we love for you to share your journey with us and would love any tips or tricks or feedback of your own on the subject! Feel free to comment below the post or head on over to our Instagram and get in on the conversation there!

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