Where We're At Wednesday

No but literally…

Where are we at!?

I bet you’ve been wondering. Hope you have, because we’ve missed you!

Remember how we always emphasize this being a R E A L lifestyle blog? Well, it’s Wednesday and we’re here to be real with you!

The one thing that we've learned on this adventure (round one and round two) is that it ebbs and flows. We’ve learned (very slowly) to have grace with ourselves and to do our very best always and what we can often—which doesn’t always feel like we’re doing our very best or enough. Anyone with us on that?

Since Christmas, we’ve been traveling, working our day jobs, and trying to dig into a new year and all that we want to make of it, including here at For Glory and Beauty.

I spent some time in Ohio with my family for Christmas, and I’m now back in Seattle finally taking a deep breath and my recruiting job and finally settling into a church home. I’m diving deeper into volunteering with a local org that helps survivors of human trafficking and I’m working hard to show up and build community. It’s been nearly one year back in Seattle and I feel like my roots are finally starting to break through the soil.

D has been giving her all to her church and her students as always ( the Christmas season in ministry is no joke) and also helping extensively with a rebranding of the juicery she helps manage. And celebrating her birthday and stuff too!

Needless to say, we got pretty present and caught up in life, and January sort of sprinted away from us! But we’re still very much here and we’re hoping you’ll stick with us and stick around for all that God wants to do in and through this little space in the next 11 months of 2019. We’re not going anywhere and we’re super excited to start bringing you some fresh content in the next few weeks! You remain in our hearts and always in our thoughts and prayers and as always, we’re here to remind you that life happens! Give yourself (and each other) grace! Take a deep breath and refocus and then come back to the table with your very best! It’s okay to take a second! We’ll always be here waiting with open arms and we’re so thankful to have a community that offers us the same. 

We’re here.

We’re refreshed.

We’re ready to fiesta with you this February!

All our love,

Rach + D

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