T Swift Approved Ways to Celebrate this Valentine's Day

Okay--listen up y'all--

I am as single as a pringle. But no matter, I LOVE me some Valentine's Day. I always have. I honestly think I've only been in a relationship for a few of them in my lifetime. Strange that being single often has bothered me, but never really on Valentine's Day.

I think I owe that a lot to my sweet mommy. My love of celebrating little things in life absolutely comes from her. She always made a big deal out of Valentine's Day. I had the most creative and over the top Valentine's Day boxes and always some adorable and punny treat to hand out to my classmates. She always had sweet notes and treats for me in the morning before school and my lunch was always filled with heart shaped sandwiches and all of the pink and red sweet, pretty treats. Valentine's Day was never necessarily a romantic day in my world, it was just always a day that I was taught to celebrate love in every form. I always enjoyed writing little notes to my friends or sneaking cute little somethings in their locker and I was so on board with Galentines before I think it was really ever a real thing. I loved all the lacy paper plates and binging on chick flicks. I. just. love. it.

This year is no different. Now I'm back in my favorite city with a little place to call my own and so looking forward to hosting some friends for Valentine's Day--or should I say Galentine’s in my case. I've been brainstorming some fun and creative twists on ways to celebrate and thought I'd share with you and along with my dear friend, D, we’ve come up with a list of themes for your VDay celebrations that even T Swift would approve of--and OF COURSE we named the themes after her songs, okay well most of them, because why wouldn’t we? And not to worry--we also did our best to make sure these are all applicable to whatever your relationship status might be this year! Below I list out the themes and basic concepts, of course reach out if you’d like some more in depth ideas and PLEASE share your celebrations and tag us so we can see!


1. “Never Grow Up”

This theme is absolutely everything you think of when you imagine the Valentine's aisle in any store. I'm talking red and pink and purple and lace explosion! Have fun with it and be a kid again. Have everyone make and bring a Valentine's Day box or make them as an activity at your get together. Plan to make handmade valentines using glitter and glue and construction paper and crayons just like you would have as a kid. You better believe that you'll need endless amounts of conversation hearts and heart shaped cookies. ALL the classics and ALL the things we looked forward to as kids!

2. “Enchanted”
This is a Valentine's Day get together for all the lovers of ugly Christmas sweater parties. This is the over the top cheesy version of Valentine's Day. Posters of teenage crushes and that creepy little Cupid guy, the most ridiculous and unbelievable chick flicks, and an exchange of the sappiest most mushy gushy Valentine's Day cards that everyone can find--you can maybe even toss in a couple of contests: Who can write the cheesiest love sonnet and who can come dressed in the cheesiest Valentine's Day gear.

3. “Welcome to New York”
This is Galentine's on another level. Plan a fun night out with your girlfriends and really do it right. Plan to meet at someone's house for the pre party. You can plan to get ready together and do each other's makeup and hair and paint your nails [or maybe even go get them done together #eeeeek just depends on everyone's budget] I know that life doesn't always allow for that slow, leisurely time to primp and get ready and sometimes it's a fun and relaxing luxury that we should allow ourselves. Why not make it part of the party!? Once everyone is dolled up, do the obvious thing and have a mini photo sesh. Find some fun spots and get some great shots for your next year of birthday posts and such and just to make some fun memories of the evening. Choose a restaurant where everyone can indulge a bit [or just an affordable fave] and go out on the town! Choose something a little out of the ordinary where you might not usually go, maybe a new part of the city or a new type of food, so it feels special. Of course finish the night off with dessert. You can get it at the same place or make it a real adventure and head to a different place for the sweet treats or even back to someone's house! However you approach it, enjoy a day/evening of pampering and feeling pretty.

*If you're not single and have a date night planned, apply some of these same pieces to your day. Give yourself some time before to pamper and primp and take your time getting ready. Maybe take a couple of hours to go shopping and treat yourself to a new outfit. Whatever feels like a special treat to you! For your date, choose something a little out of your element so it feels exciting and special! You get it--single or taken you can enjoy some of these things just the same!

4. “Stay Stay Stay”
Now we're going to go in the opposite direction. Perhaps all that primping and getting ready and girliness is just not your thing and the very thought of it stresses you out. Maybe you've had some rough memories associated with Valentine's Day or you're just over the whole going out and feeling sick watching everyone be all mushy gushy and cheesy. Maybe a night in is just what you need. Call up your girls [or maybe even your significant other] and plan a night in that will go down in history. The coziest of sweats, pillow/blanket forts, take out food [probably with chopsticks] and something ooey gooey and delicious baking in the oven and making the whole place smell the part. Binge some chick flicks or a favorite tv show and just enjoy an easy, low expectations night in with the people that you love the most!

5. “Shake it Off”
Maybe you need a bit of both in your life. If you've got some time, go for broke! Get over the top dolled up, take on the town, and then go back to someone's place and change into jammies and eat the sweet treats while watching a chick flick that everyone voted on--or three. OR perhaps you've got gal pals and a boo and you want to do VDay with both! Let's be real--no one really wants to be that girl that ditches all her girls once she's got a guy in her life...it's all about balance! Maybe do the night on the town with your honey and then head back for a girl's night in with your roomies or besties, or visa versa.

6. Sweet Treats
This party is for the ambitious. Host a Brownie Bake Off or a Cupcake Wars or maybe a Muffin Mania. You can keep it as simple or go as all out as you would like. Maybe everyone comes with their sweet treat already made, or you get crazy in the kitchen and have one of those cool baking contests right there. Either way, pick a theme of sweet and have everyone compete somehow to make the best version. There can be categories for creativity and flavor and all that good stuff. This can be an all girls thing, a family thing, or even a group of couples thing. The guys can verse the girls or the couples can verse each other...there's a lot of really fun ways to take this one. Maybe even set up someone's phone and a tripod to document your own version of the Great British Bake Off (or maybe Nailed It) to watch together at the end of the evening! This one can become a tradition that sticks around through the years, so snap a photo of the winner and the winning recipe to look back on in years to come.

7. “Love Story”
I suppose in a more untraditional sense of the phrase. This one is all about passing it on. Perhaps you aren’t thrilled about Valentine’s Day this year. Perhaps you’ve experienced some recent hurt or rejection and you’d rather not face it this year. Been there, done that. Here’s an idea this year--make it about someone else! Get the focus off of you and your issues and focus on what someone else has going on. You can get some people together at your home to make toiletry bags for a local shelter or to make lunches (the options are endless here, just follow your passions) OR you can get a group together and go somewhere to serve and give back in a more up close and personal way. Either way, I guarantee you’re going to feel better taking this route! It might be one of your favorite Valentine’s Day yet!

8. Love You Brunches
So, definitely could NOT resist that pun! This is the theme I’ll be runnin with for my little shindig this year! Let’s be real, who doesn’t love brunch!? It’s delicious and certainly on trend these days. But why go out when you can bring everyone in and go way extra on the adorbs? I’m talking pancake/waffle bar with all the fixins. Berries and whipped cream and nuts and peanut butter--whatever your tribe loves. There should of course be fresh flowers and sunshine streaming in (keeping my fingers crossed for some of that in Seattle) and probably pretty paper straws to sip your milk and juice with. I’m adding a bit of gold, sparkle and plenty of hearts too. Planning to have mini bouquets for each of my guest with the little tags that say “love you brunches” We’re also planning to do a simple little gift exchange (stay tuned for more of that in a post later this week!) This one is obviously easily adaptable. It’s a great option if your newlyweds for a sweet, simple morning in, it’s a great family tradition on Valentine’s morning or weekend or even a breakfast for dinner, and it’s of course a great option for a sweet celebration with your gal pals!

9. Donut You I Love You?

This one is simple and super sweet in any case. You can either get the fam or your friends together, maybe even your sweetie and head out to your favorite local donut shop to enjoy a sweet treat and a cup of joe. Maybe get a dozen so everyone can sample while chatting. OR bring the donuts and coffee and friends to your place. It’s simple and affordable. Maybe everyone brings a few donuts, perhaps you even attempt to make them! This is another good one to do whatever your relationship status--even if you’re celebrating on your own! There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself from time to time.

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