What We're Loving Lately

Just checking in with you, our lovely friends, to let you in on some of the things that we’re loving as of late! Some are new and some are maybe just new to us! Either way, we love to share and we hope you’ll let us in on yours as well!

1. Audio Books
I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a fan of these in the past. I’m sort of a purist and a traditionalist when it comes to reading and literature--even in my taste (I’ve always prefered the classics.) What I am into, is authors reading their own writing. I think there is something really special about that and I think it brings an extra layer to the writing. It allows us to hear it exactly as it was meant to be heard. The right tone and inflection and meaning behind every page. The right emotion in all of it. One of my goals this year was to read more and watch less. I added audio books to this line up for commutes on the bus, walking the city, and something to have on while I eat in place of a show (which is my go to) I did the free trial of Audible from Amazon, but I don’t think I’ll keep it. In my opinion, it’s a high price for one audiobook a month. I’ve decided I’ll utilize my library card more for this and the app that my good friend D told me about, Hoopla. This app allows you to rent TONS of audiobooks from your local library on your devices. D got me hooked when she had me listen to Remembering God by Annie F. Downs last year. I’ve also started incorporating a lot more audio Bible into my routine the last couple of years and that’s been really refreshing for me as well! I’m aware that audiobooks are not a new thing, but they’re a thing I’m trying to love lately! 

2. Sunflower Seed Butter Cups 
Next, I’m jumping to the snack department and of course I’m talking Trader Joe’s because you know they have my heart. Recently I’ve added a new evening treat to my line up: Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter Cups. It’s a long name, but they are YUM. In an alternate universe where calories didn’t matter, I might eat Reese Cups every day. Unfortunately I do not live in that universe---I live in a universe where looking at Reese Cups makes me gain five pounds. So, these are a good alternative in this universe. Still a treat--definitely a healthier version--and I usually let myself have one before bed (well before 8 since that’s when I stop eating) a few times a week. Better ingredients for sure which I think is a huge win. ALSO loving Trader Joe’s Ruby Cacao Wafers. I literally had NO idea what I was getting into with this one. It’s a little pink-ish red bag. But, I’m that girl. I alway scheck the new items area and take a couple of things home to try out. I was pleasantly surprised by these. They are sort of like yogurt chips? Are yogurt chips a thing? Anyways. They are little pink (cacao) nibbles. But they are sort of sweet and tangy. Let me just describe them as Trader Joe’s does: “A fruity, sweet, and subtly tangy confection.” I’m finding them to be a great addition to my trail mixes that I like to mess with and change up every few weeks!

3. Hair Wands 
Alright--this is a thing that I am TRYING to love but I am definitely not loving yet. I finally broke down and purchased one of those hair wands---not the curling iron--the wand. People make it so easy to toss in some light, beachy waves, and I was just tired of curling my hair with a straightener (though I do love my Chi so much.) It was $26 on Amazon and recommended by my hair stylist. And I just can’t figure it out! But I want to--PLEASE HELP! I am sort of “hair challenged” you might say. I’ve never been that girl who can just whip out a cool braid or an updo or really anything. It took me years to perfect my curls with the straightner. I imagined this making my life a lot easier, but it doesn’t feel natural and I can't figure out how to twist my hands the wand and the hair and not burn all my skin or my scalp off. PLEASE HELP ME LOVE IT (tips and comments welcome below!)

1. Pamplemousse (grapefruit) La Croix
DO NOT ROLL YOUR EYES AT ME. I know it sounds so basic and you feel like I am lying to you because there is no way I could love the carbonated flavored water that has earned the title of overrated, but hear me out. This particular flavor gets me. I like it. And you should at least try it. You might like it too. And it does give me the carbonated fix that I like, ESPECIALLY with Mexican food. Do you get that too? Like Mexican food isn't the same without a Diet Coke with lime, right? I do think sparkling water in general is more of an acquired preference, but I think I am acquiring it. 

2. Shared Notes
So I know this is nothing new, and it is definitely not something I figured out. It is a tool on the iPhone app "Notes" that I wasn't familiar with until recently. Basically it is a way to share a note with someone and allows for collaboration as well as real time updates made to the note. So a good use for this would be a shopping list shared with your spouse, a party planning checklist shared with other hostesses, a to-do list shared with co-workers, just to name a few.

It has been super helpful for me lately, and I LOVE that you can put little circles and check them off as things are completed or taken care of. We all need a little bit of that satisfaction in our lives.

This is a something I could have added to a "What We're Reading" post, but it is something I am loving right now too! This book is really aimed more at moms and working moms, but I think there are great tools ladies from any stage of life could utilize. Basically it discusses ways to find more time in your day to get things that really are important in the schedule, but often go overlooked or un-prioritized because they don't seem as important. 

Things like self-care, hobbies, refreshment can too often get put off because they "aren't as important" as getting work done, making dinner, cleaning, or serving at church. Jessica, the author, does a great job of bringing new perspective and importance on things that are good for your soul and personal development. Those things are important! And we need to get them back into our weekly and daily schedules. If you do check this book out let me know! I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on the topic!


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I downloaded hoopla immediately. Someone told me a while back about checking out audiobooks from the library but I couldn't remember the name and clearly never put much effort into finding out haha. If this works out, maybe I'll ditch my audible subscription. Haha.

    I too am hair challenged. I have thought about getting a wand but haven't dove in on that one yet. Which ine did you get on Amazon?

    Love pamplemousse seltzer!


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