Why Should Gift Exchanges Only be for Christmas?

We are of the firm belief that gift exchanges should be an all year thing! Especially a Valentine’s thing!

So, it’s probably obvious by now that D and I love giving gifts (stay tuned for a giveaway at the end of this post BTW).

Remember on Monday that we shared with you some fun ways to celebrate this Valentine’s Day? Well, today we’re sharing some simple and sweet Valentine’s exchange ideas to go with! You can either incorporate these into your parties/get togethers, or let them stand alone at a work lunch or an already standing gathering like a Bible Study or play date! Sometimes we get so” grown up” and we forget about things or excuse little things in life like exchanging Valentines. OR we get so involved in our kids lives and their friendships that we forget to invest in our own. But you know, I think that dismissing something “little” like Valentine’s gifts and notes is actually dismissing something a lot bigger. V-Day is, after all, a day to purely and simply tell people that we love them and to show them in simple ways. To say the things that we don’t say as much as we probably should.

I didn’t mean to get all serious on you there, but hey, I went there! And I say we take this day back! I say that we stop writing it off as a commercial ploy or overrated or a day for kids or whatever we’ve decided about it, and we bring it back! We start celebrating the people that we love again in the simplest, sweetest ways, and saying the things we feel most deeply about them like we should be saying all of the time anyways!

That being said, here are a few simple ideas for some Valentines that are sure to make anyone in your life smile. We’re keeping it themed this time around because we think that sets it apart from most Christmas gift exchanges.We would also let this one be without “requests.” Set the theme, let everyone bring a little something, and then have fun seeing everyone leave with something that they love. (Of course be considerate of everyone’s budget and be clear about a price point so that everyone feels good about what they bring and what they take home. And be sensitive to someone who may want to be included but just doesn’t have the cash--this should never be an exclusive thing. It is after all Valentines Day and that means that everyone should feel loved and supported and included.) Play a game, get creative, bring an extra for fun if you think it might be a struggle for someone, go with homemade! Let us know if you come up with something that we left out!

<3 Lip Gloss Exchange

<3 Candle Exchange

<3 Flower/Bouquet Exchange

*A fun twist on this might be to have everyone bring a few flowers and then put together bouquets that everyone can leave with :)

<3 Candy + Card Exchange (homemade or store bought depending on your people)

<3 Coffee + Mug Exchange

<3 Coupon Exchange (everyone comes with a coupon for an I OWE U--dinner, babysitting, date night, coffee, etc.)

<3 $5 gift card exchange

<3 Clothing Swap

<3 Polaroid Picture Exchange

<3 Journal + Pen Exchange with (encouraging and uplifting note included of course!)

<3 Earring Exchange

<3 Facemask Exchange (this would be a fun one to pair with the pre/post party themes)

<3 Letter Exchange (great option if budget is an issue--the one you may need to trade names ahead of time for)

<3 Nail Polish Exchange (annnnnd probably mani/pedi party to follow)

<3 Potted Plant Exchange

<3 Baked Goods Exchange (get some insight on any dietary restrictions ahead of time so that everyone can enjoy!)

<3 Blanket Exchange

<3 Book Exchange (everyone brings a book they’ve read or wants to read and switches it up--also a good option for budget restrictions)

I’m certain there are SO many more fun and affordable ideas! PLEASE let us know so that we can share with everyone! EEEEEEEk Happy (almost) Heart Day Everyone!

Oh right! A giveaway! We didn’t forget! 

We’re helping you get ready for all of the T Swift Approved Valentine’s Day fun that’s just around the corner!

We’re letting you pick from one of these three ADORABLE shirts from our friends at The Light Blonde! All you need to do is comment with your favorite exchange idea and your favorite emoji heart color! We can’t wait to see you rockin’ one of these!


  1. I love the book exchange idea! ๐Ÿ’š

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I love the idea of a clothing swap! ๐Ÿ’œ

  4. Any kind of exchange is fun, but, being a lover of candles and face masks, I’d probably go for one of those!

  5. Coffee ☕️ exchange cause... duh! Coffee always!! ��

  6. Potted Plant Exchange! And my friend Janelle is featured in one of the T-shirt photos. :) Fav heart emoji color is ๐Ÿ’› gold.


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