Happy Pi Day

We will be the first to admit that math is most definitely NOT our thing. But we’ll also be the first to admit that we love finding any and every reason to celebrate. As much as we don’t love crunching the numbers, we happen to be huge fans of pie and a fun “holiday” in the long stretch between winter and spring just to get us through! So, if pie is involved, we’re definitely in! You might have gathered by now that we’re also really passionate about health and wellness and finding ways to give the very best things to our temples. Today we’re going to give you a little bit of everything to celebrate! We’ve got options for sweet and for savory and for indulging, and even a few healthy twists on a classic! We can’t wait to see how you get your nerd on this Pi Day! Be sure to share a shot of your slice so we can share them in our stories!

Sweet + Indulgent
Springtime is all about bright and light and airy and it shouldn't be any different when it comes to pie! We’re listing two of our favorite flavors below--lemon and blueberry--and let’s be honest, is it actually spring or pie if we don’t include a recipe from the Martha Stewart of our generation…..? Joanna Gaine’s of course! 

Blueberry Crumble Pie

Joanna Gaine’s go-to Lemon Pie

Sweet + Guilt Free
We are of the firm belief that eating healthy is a lifestyle and we really, really hate that word diet. One of the keys to living a healthy lifestyle is not depriving ourselves of delicious food but instead finding great substitutes that we really truly love--that actually feel like a treat to us! We can indulge and splurge from time to time, but that shouldn't be our norm. We also shouldn’t be hating our lives every day because we can’t ever eat anything that we actually enjoy! These pie recipes seem to land in that sweet spot--no pun intended--great ingredients that we can feel good about and also enjoy! Don’t forget that you can ALWAYS make adjustments to recipes that you find online. For example, I (Rachel) can’t eat gluten, so I just swap out whatever crust recipe they include for something that I can do. 

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