How to Treat Yo Self (on a budget)

Hey ladies! 

Hoping that reference is not lost on all of you--Parks and Rec, anyone?

I digress.

Today we’re sharing with you some fun ways to treat yourself for no good reason--just because-- without breaking the bank. None of us have a ton of money to spend on ourselves but we all need to treat ourselves from time to time and that is absolutely possible!

Mind off + Mask
This one is super simple and super cheap and mostly about time to yourself which I know is the actual treat and hard to come by for a lot of you! This one might involve a little bit more sacrifice for the mommies, but I think it will be totally worth it. Ask your hubby if he can take the kiddos out for a few hours or maybe a friend or the grandparents, and just let your mind turn off. You can pick up a mask at pretty much any local store--Walgreens, Target, Trader Joe’s, etc. Get in some cozy jammies, curl up on the couch or even in bed with some hot cocoa and your favorite snacks, and let yourself binge away! Maybe a favorite series or one that you’ve been wanting to watch. Or maybe curling up with a good book is more your style. Either way, allow yourself some time that you would normally consider wasted. This one will probably cost you under $10 (unless you really want to go for the snacks :)

Teeny Tiny Indulgence
I know, I know we’re all doing our best to live healthy lives. If you’re anything like me, you are super strict about things like this and rarely allow yourself to cheat or treat yourself in the food venue. Every now and then I need to set a space in the future to just shut off the guilt and indulge with a treat. Perhaps it’s St. Patrick’s Day or an upcoming vacay or friend visit. Is it a piece of hot apple pie or a bar of chocolate or a full on frappuccino? Whatever it is, decide that you’ll splurge, set aside the petty cash, and make some space to actually enjoy it--don’t rush through it. 

(Case in point: We did indeed indulge on Dalayna's recent visit to Seattle!)

Shopping “Spree”’
Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I just really need some time to wander the Target isles. Seriously. After a long week I very often hop off the bus near my local Target (Trader Joe’s works wonders too) and I just wander without a time limit. I look through the Cartwheel app for good deals and smell every bottle of shampoo and body wash ever made and scour the clearance racks and usually leave with very little. It’s the experience I suppose. Every now and then I’ll let myself spend some money on a sweater I’ve been eyeing for a while or I’ll go nuts on new cards from the dollar bins, but typically, I just need the time and the agenda-less space. I do recommend only going in with a set amount of cash if you do actually want to keep this one budget friendly--because let’s be real---eggs ALWAYS cost $40 at Target if you’re not careful. Take a $20 that you’ve set aside and go have fun with it! Really take the time to explore and think about what you actually want to spend that money on. It will feel better and more refreshing all around in the end! Last Friday I hit the jackpot at my City Target! They were just putting out the spring things in the dollar bins when I walked in. I spend a whole $11 and treated myself to a sweet new springtime table centerpiece. I spent time touching everything and trying different combinations before I finally settled on something that I just adored, and I entertained the worker while I was at it.

Go Garage Sale-ing
Now that the warmer weather and sunshine seems to be peeking through, it’s a great time to get out there and garage sale! I know this isn’t for everyone, and not everyone has the magic needed to find those long lost buried treasures, but I think the activity is fun for all and the thrill of not knowing what you might come across is a treat in itself! Make a list of some items you might like to find, gather some gal pals, hit a local coffee shop, and get to it! See how many things you’re able to check off your list and if you’re able to stick to your budget too! Could be a guilt free Saturday well spent!

Be Random
You probably have that place too. That place you pass by pretty often and always say to yourself, "I need to go in there." But somehow you never seem to make it in. Yea, that place. Go in there! Spontaneous stops can make any afternoon fun. Whether you actually purchase something or not, you are finally making time for something you have been meaning to do. 

(Another picture from Dalayna's visit to Seattle. We passed by this old record store and thought it would be fun to browse around. So we did!)

Extra Extra!
This could be because it is just something I don't often like spending money on, but magazines are not a frequent purchase for me. But every once in a while I will just go for it. Spend the $5-$10 and get that magazine knowing I will likely only look at the pictures. But they will be pretty pictures. And it most definitely feels like a treat... especially with a pint of Halo Top. 

Paint Job
Getting a new shade of nail polish is another super affordable treat. Hey, depending on how picky you are on the brand, you could get a couple new colors! Especially with the season changing, it is nice to hunt for a new fresh shade of pink or lavender to paint your nails. Even more fun, paint them while taking a bath. Okay, I lost all of you anti-bath people...

Go for free
As you may have seen, while in Seattle, we went to a yoga class together. It was a place called Core Power Yoga and they offer a week free for first time guests. So guess who went for free as first time guests? We did! And that is pretty typical for a lot of studios. It is a great, free way to treat yourself. Try something new. Go to that new class and have some fun challenging yourself. Shoot, take someone with you if that is more your style. And then there is no commitment past the trial period, but maybe you will find something you love in the process. 

How do you treat yo self on a budget? 
Let us know your ideas in the comments!

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  1. First of all, love Parks and Rec. love. Love. Second, all of these are top notch recommendations!


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