Insta Acounts Inspiring Us Lately

It’s been a bit since we filled you in on our favorite Insta acounts. In the world of social media, this list is forever changing and growing. We figured by now we had some fresh folks to fill you in on!

Rachel's Inspo

The Bible Project
This started out as a series of awesome videos with more mature animation that I used a lot for my middle school Bible classes when I taught in Mexico. Since then they’ve expanded a bit. I love following along with their super fresh and funky but also deeply theological on Insta and I’m also recently obsessed with their podcast!

Fight The New Drug
This account is doing an awesome job at educating on the negative effects of porn in our culture. They take a really logical and scientific view and provide nonjudgmental material to support people who want to let go of it on their lives. They share lots of testimonies and studies and statistics and it’s a great resource for dealing with personal addiction or approaching the addiction of someone you know and love. They normalize conversation that is often considered uncomfortable and taboo.

Flowers in Hand
Anyone else obsessed with flowers and taking pictures of them? This account is for us. It is just that simple. Pretty pictures of flowers every day. Just a nice pop of floral on your daily scroll through Insta.

Daily Overview
It’s quite possible that I’ve shared this one before/-only because I live it so much! This account shares awesome drone shots from al over the planet! I love this account in particular because the photography is pure and let’s the nature speak for itself! It is such a cool way to look at the world!

Dalayna's Inspo

Journeywomen Podcast
Yes this is the account for a faith podcast, but even if you aren't into listening to podcasts this account is filled with Gospel truths and daily application of the Word. I do love listening to the podcast, but I also love catching their posts as well.

Well Watered Women Co.
This is an online faith community as well as store. They sell resources to help fill your life with the Word of God. They also do regular challenges and other campaigns to motivate women to regularly be in the Word and growing in their faith. I love their inspiring photos + posts. They are beautiful, but more than that they point to the beauty of knowing God deeply.

Candace Cameron Bure
No this is not because I grew up on Full House! If you already follow Candace online you will know exactly what I mean when I say she is an inspiring account to follow. Whether it be sharing something from the Word, grace-filled kindness, daily encouragement, or beast-mode workouts, I do love hearing and seeing what Candace has to say.

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