March Playlist + Oil Blends of the Month!

So, I know it's not officially spring yet. But--we're just about 21 days away and I say there's no reason we can't bring springtime into our homes just a teeny tiny bit early. If you're anything like me, you'll hold out for as long as possible simply because you love the anticipation of it all and soaking in every season. Even still, maybe it's a good time to whip up some of these recipes or order some of these guys to have on hand when spring does finally come for real! Either way, we think March 1st is close enough!

Diffuser Blends

Green Vibes
Cypress (5)
Rosemary (3)

Minty Fresh March
Eucalyptus (5) **caution with fur babies              
Peppermint (3)
Spearmint (3)

Spring Cleaning 
Lime (5)
Peppermint (3)
Lemongrass (2)

Floral Forest 
White Fir (3)
Cypress (3)
Clary Sage (3)

Spring is Starting
Geranium (3)
Clary Sage (5)
(add a few drops of any citrus if this is a little too strong on the floral notes!)

Sleepy Spring
Lavender (5)
Clary Sage (5)

Room Sprays

Spring Cleaning 
Lime (15)
Peppermint (10)
Lemongrass (5)
(top with water )

Floral Forest 
White Fir (10)
Cypress (10)
Clary Sage (8)
(top with water/rose water if you've got it!)

Sleepy Spring
(sheet and pillow mister)
Lavender (10)
Clary Sage (10)
(top with rose water) 

Roller Blends

Smells Like Springtime
Geranium (5)
Lavender (15)
Clary Sage (10)
(top with fractionated coconut oil)

Wild Orange (10)
Grapefruit (5)
Clary Sage (10)
Ylang Ylang (5)
(top with fractionated coconut oil) 

Obviously these are only suggestions! Most of the fun with essential oils is mixing and matching and having fun while you figure out your favorites and the things that work best for you. I LOVE trying new combinations and researching new ways to use these! I'm no expert, but I do know quite a bit and I'm always happy to help you or answer any questions if the whole things feels a bit overwhelming! I know that when I first started I really didn't know where to start. Thankfully I had a great friend who was passionate and who helped me navigate and make the most of these little buggers. I'm always happy to pass that on. Of course share with us if you find a blend you really love that we should all know about!

Check out our March Playlist on Spotify with the link below! Love it? Share it and let us know.

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