Sunday Takeaways: It’s Really Very Simple

Hey Ladies!
Happiest of Mondays to you! Hope this one is treating you kindly!

About a month ago, we started a new tradition here called, Sunday Takeaways. Just a bit of challenging and encouraging and accountability all rolled into Mondays with us!

Not sure where you’re at with church right now, but I know that I’m currently in a super sweet spot. Everything is new and fresh and I’m so thankful to finally have a new church home, and so I’m soaking the whole thing in like I haven’t in a really long time. Even if that’s not you, stick around anyways! Honestly, it hasn’t always been me either. I’ve had seasons when church feels like more of an obligation, when I’ve showed up  for a ministry credit, draining the life out of me because it’s in a foreign language—I’ve been there too! That’s the beauty of these Sunday Takeaways! We probably all find ourselves in very different seasons and so we can all benefit from each other! We can be encouraged by how God is moving and speaking to our sisters and inspired to hit refresh for ourselves! We can be at peace knowing that we all have harder and dryer seasons too and that no one is alone in that! We hope this is beneficial for you in whatever season you find yourself in!

One of my favorite things about my new church is its simplicity. It's a church plant, so for starters we just don’t have much of anything. Not a lot of money or a ton of people or even our own space. It’s not really hard to keep it simple. But I love that! I’ve always loved that about church plants. The lack of resources sort of forces you back to basics and strips you down to the essentials. There is no full band or even speakers. There isn’t a huge building to decorate or a budget to argue about spending. It’s just people in a space meeting Jesus and getting to know each other. I love that my church is taking this approach out of necessity and also with intentionality. No bells and whistles, just church in its purest form—focused on knowing each other and Jesus truly. There is somthing so refreshing and life giving about it. It’s like giving up junk food and eating clean. Your body is so thankful to only have the good stuff coming in and to get all the extra unnecessary stuff out of its system. Yeah, it’s like that, and y’all know how much I love clean eating!

Our Pastor has decided to spend our first six months as a church in the book of I Corinthians. One of the pillars of our church is Gospel Clarity, meaning that we would always be very clear in communicating and living out the core and the purpose of the Gospel message. Yesterday we looked at chapter 2, and I’ll share with you some verses that pretty much sum up that pillar:

“I did my best to keep it plain and simple: First Jesus and who He is, then Jesus and what He did—Jesus crucified.” (MSG)

We talked about just that. How complicated we try to make it all and how foolish it seems that in a world so complicated the whole purpose could really be this simple. But it is! We don’t need fancy speeches or crazy deep theology and philosophy. We don’t need Jesus and on the cross and anything else. Jesus on the cross has always—will always—be more than enough. We can study a lifetime, know God’s word inside and out, and be the most mature Christians on the planet, and we should  still always end up there.

This was my main thought takeaway and the one that’s ringing on in my heart today:

“If your life makes sense to a non-Christian than your missing  the whole point of being a Christian.”

Well that struck a heart chord! I thought about all the times I’m hurt or frustrated because my friends belittle me for the way I’ve lived my life and the path I’ve taken and the unconventional journey I’ve walked. How they think I’m flakey and undecided about what I want in life, when in reality, I’ve been certain since the start: a life of obedience to Christ because of who He is and what He did for me—a life crucified to Christ.

And suddenly it clicked—of course it doesn’t make sense to any of them  Of course they criticize and question because they don’t understand. It seems foolish to them and it should! And I shouldn’t be surprised by it. What I should do is go on living exactly this way. As if Christ crucified is all that matters because it is.

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