We Ain't Talking Pocket Lent

Right. We are not talking about pocket lent today. We are talking about Lent. You know, that period of time leading up to Easter. Yea. That Lent.

You probably know what it is. You have most likely heard people talking about it. Maybe you've even given something up for it before. I am pretty sure soda has to be one of the most popular things to give up for Lent. I am convinced.

It isn't something we talk much about in Pentecostal churches like we are familiar with. Growing up, I always thought it was something only Catholics observed. But more and more it seems like the trend is spreading in churches of all kinds to observe Lent in some way. And I'm not gonna lie, I'm not mad about it.

I am all about being free in the Spirit and not tied down to religiosity and ritual. But then again, I think there is something kind of beautiful in perfectly worded prayers and psalms that are hundreds of years old. There is something beautiful about repeating traditions represented in Bible times. Somehow it makes me feel closer to Jesus, seeing as that is the time He walked on earth, and connects me more closely with scripture. Truthfully I am not going to walk around with ash smeared on my forehead, but it fascinates me and intrigues me when others do. For me, it is a historic connection. There is depth there. There is meaning there.

And really, intentionally denying ourselves through fasting and other self-sacrifice is never a bad thing. It is, as Paul said, becoming less so God can become more in our lives. Especially in the season leading up to the memorial of Jesus' death and resurrection, denying self is even more paramount.

Today I am doing a little bit of a round up of some Lent resources for you to easily get your hands on to observe this season in one way or another. There are lots of options with different levels of involvement.

Resources to observe Lent

1. She Reads Truth study book. 
The thing I love most about this resource is you can bundle their beautiful resources so the whole family can take part. We believe it is so, so important to get the whole family involved at their own level in discipleship and this is so cool to have the same content tailored to everyone in the family.

2. The YouVersion Bible App
There are LOTS of reading plans and studies in the YouVersion Bible App, which can be downloaded and accessed through any mobile device. Here are a few I can across and liked:

  • Journeying with Jesus- This is a 40 day Lent Devotional by Susan Narjala. It is a Bible plan to help us walk with Jesus through the last two chapters of Matthew. It focuses on Jesus' last days on earth and what that means to us. 
  • Lent Days by J N Manokaran- This is a great one to do right before Easter. It is only 5 days long and focused on remembering the cross. 
  • A Devotional Leading up to Lent & Easter- Another good 5 day devotional. This study is from LifeWay Christian Resources and is a really nice format. I like the devotional content. Sometimes the devotions can be a little too simple, but this one is very practical and gives space for you to process and go deeper into the scriptures.
  • Preparing Our Hearts for Easter- This is actually from a Presbyterian Church and is rich in scripture. It is 40 days long so it leads all the way up to Easter. One thing I like about it is it is a little more liturgical in nature and it finishes each devotion with a prayer. 

3. 40 Days of Decrease by Alicia Britt Chole
I have not actually read through this, but I have heard good things about it. It is definitely one I am looking at reading through myself this Easter season. Here's a short description of the book:

Decrease life's unnecessary details and increase your relationship with the Lord so you can live in awe of Christ's resurrection! 40 Days of Decreaseis a guide for those hungering for a fresh Lenten/Easter experience. Author Alicia Britt Chole guides you through a study of Jesus’ uncommon and uncomfortable call to abandon the world’s illusions, embrace His kingdom’s realities, and journey cross-ward and beyond. Each daily entry will include: 

- a devotional based on Jesus’ cross-ward life
- a reflection question to guide journaling or group discussion
- a "heart fast" to inspire a tangible response
- a thought-provoking Lenten quote
- "fun facts" about the historical development of Lent with details you may not have known before
- a suggested reading that takes you from John 12 to John 21
- journaling space for reflection

Uh, C.S. Lewis, you know I was interested. This book contains readings from C.S. Lewis that contemplate the "grand miracle" of Jesus' resurrection.

5. Because of this I Rejoice by Max O. Vincent 
This six-week Lenten study of Philippians offers a series of meditations about joyfully practicing spiritual disciplines. A passage from Philippians structures each chapter, and daily Scripture readings plus reflection questions at the end of each chapter will keep you connected to the material throughout the week.

Kyle Idleman is another one I can be sure is gonna be GOOD. In this book you'll discover the seven last sayings of Christ from the cross--both what he said and what his words mean for your life today. 

This book contains 40 readings, featuring Scripture verses, prayer prompts, and favorite passages from many of Max Lucado's best-selling books - including No Wonder They Call Him the Savior, He Chose the Nails, and 3:16.

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  1. Alicia Cholee and CS Lewis are bomb. Yes to those for sure!


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