Sunday Takeaways from Spain

This last Sunday, I had the incredible opportunity to attend International Church in Madrid, Spain and a sweet friend who is servicing there, Cara McSween. It was a real honor and so sweet to be immersed once again in one of my heart and love languages, Spanish.

I was reminded that God speaks to us so personally and that hearing the Word of God in your own language matters so much. We should always be supporting and carrying the spreading and the preaching of the Gospel in native tongues. Hearing God’s Word in your own language is a very personal and powerful thing. I was also reminded how God can find us in any language. Across language and culture barriers, God still worlds and speaks and grows His church. I may not always catch everything in Spanish, and I may not always communicate as clearly as I would like in Spanish, but even in Spanish, God still finds me and speaks to me and connects hearts. Sometimes Words of God and about God resonate even more sweetly and deeply with me in Spanish.

Languages are a beautiful thing—the fact that God and His purposes and His heart and His love transcend languages and culture is even more profound and beautiful.

Here are a few of my takeaways from Spanish church and out of John 4 this past Sunday in Madrid:
1. “Believe the bare word of Jesus and go on your way. “ -John 4:51

2. Believe what Jesus says just because HE says it.

3. Move our faith from our eyes to our ears

4. The spoken word of Jesus and the spoken name of Jesus have incredible power
5. Very often, OUR action brings HIS action on our behalf—faith in action makes miracles
6. Jesus wants salvation more than healing—more than anything else for us

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