Monday Mantra: don’t sweat the small stuff

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

That’s what I’m telling myself over and over again on this Monday morning.

I’ll be real with you. I’m super stressed out because my dog (he’s adorable by the way) keeps barking while I’m at work and I’m lucky enough to live on a hallway where people are trying to sleep during the day.... Sigh. I’m stressing because it makes me feel out of control and anxious and because I don’t know how to fix it. I’m stressing because even though in the big huge grand scheme of life this is a very tiny thing, it feels really big to me right now.

That’s why we have this mantra in the first place. Because our tendency as humans is to get really worked up over things that actually don’t matter that much. And if we’re being really honest with ourselves, we are usually stressed out mostly on account that we don’t have control and even worse, don’t know how to get it. So we stress, we sweat and we worry and we fret and we desperately scurry around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to find solutions and gain some sort of control. And sometimes it works—for a little while anyways. The problem is, it’s usually only a temporary fix and short lived relief. The problem will usually show itself again or another one will take its place and we’ll find ourselves back where we started.

Here’s the thing. I sweat the small stuff because in reality, I don’t think that God has time to. I consider praying about it, and then I think that God has more important things to deal with and so I keep going at it on my own. That’s true. He does have bigger things to deal with than our small stuff, but He’s also deeply in love with us. The small stuff that feels like big stuff to us matters to him because it matters to us. He wants so much to be involved in every aspect of our lives. He wants us to come to Him with whatever is weighing heavy in our hearts—big or small. He wants to carry all of it for us so that we can live freely. Nothing is too big OR too small for Him.

So here’s the truth. If the thing weighing heaviest on my heart today and holding me down with worry is my dog barking in my apartment, I can tell him that. I can tell him as many times as I need to today, as many times as it worries me. And I can trust that He will listen and He will care and He will sweat the small stuff for me.

So, soul sister, don’t sweat the small stuff today! Especially on Monday when it’s so easy to do! He’s got ya and he wants to carry all the Monday-ness for you!

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