Plants That Are There For You

It can't just be us that are absolutely obsessed with the little fellows.

Potted plants are taking over every bookshelf and window sill of this generation. On the whole, we're not great at them, but we love them and we're fighting to be plant people.

Today we're showing up and helping you be those plant people that you want to be-that we want to be too. This post has some plants that will meet you in the middle and work to stay alive. They're simple, uncomplicated, and they bring all the goodness of green and clean air into your space. We've also got some cool resources for all of your window sill needs that we think are just so much fun!

We thought about posting some great Pinterest links here (and we will) that tell you the easiest plants to keep alive---but then we realized we don't always trust those. I (Rachel) have killed quite a few of those "easy to keep alive" plants. I figured I would just share my own personal experience and you can trust that if I can keep it alive, so can you. And then I'll share all the indoor garden dreams I have below, because #goals.


If you're looking for a literally NO maintenance plant that will shoot up and spread all the green and good air vibes, this is the one. This is one of two plants that I've literally never killed and have had in my space since college.  You can set it literally anywhere and all you need to do is fill it with water whenever it's low. There's not even any dirt involved! I particularly love bamboo for the bathroom where you don't often get much light, but it's a great little burst of green for desks or random corners where most plants would just shrivel up. To top it off, bamboo is affordable and can be found pretty much anywhere!


These ones are honestly hard to tell apart...I am pretty sure I have both of them in my house at the moment and I'm not sure which is which. The bottom line is, I've had them both and kept both alive!  You'll know it as soon as you see it and there are a zillion different versions. In Mexico we called it Telefono and I love that...I think because of the way it spreads and climbs and falls. This is the second of two plants that I've never killed. They don't need much and they sort of sneak up on you. They fill any little corner in such a sweet and lovely way. You can see I've had all sorts of colors and versions--this one is great for air quality in your space as well.

Here are a few others I've had in my little studio garden for quite some time now....
All of these I've purchased from my local grocery store or from this adorable plant shop we have here in my neighborhood literally called, Plant Shop. You can pick plants up from anywhere, bur I will say, I've noticed the difference in quality when you spend a bit more and buy from the place that knows what they're bringing in and what they're doing with their plants. I love my local shop because not only will they help me pot appropriately before taking my plant home, they will also respond when I send photos through Instagram needing help with a plant that is struggling. Sometimes going to the experts really pays off in the long run! I've surprised myself with how many of my plant babies are holding on--even through the Seattle winter! Now the sunshine is out and really ALL I do for these guys is give them sun and water once a week. I water on Sundays usually either with a can or by putting them all in the sink for bath time. I also try really hard to fill up the window sills and let them soak in the sun whenever we manage to get some around here! I do get a lot of nice light in my place but not in every little corner, so I try to move these guys into the light whenever I can!

I will share a few links below with some really helpful resources to identifying house plants and some easy and straightforward how-to guides for care.  

There really is SO much information out there. I suggest heading to Pinterest as a search start. I've founded and pinned so many plant related things that I reference often!

Better Homes & Gardens

Lastly I'll share with you a recent discovery and new obsession! The Sill. A friend of mine came over this past weekend and was asking about all of my plants and where I got them. I mentioned my beloved Plant Shop in Seattle and she looked at me with a smirk on her face..."Have you seen The Sill," she asked? I hadn't. It's an amazing sight where you can shop for house plants and have them delivered to your door. STOP IT. I'm in HUGE trouble I can tell you that much! And honestly, back to that note on quality, their prices are not too awful. They send them in darling pots and even sets. You might just have a ton of fun this Friday taking a scroll and inviting some green vibes into your home! 

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