Week 2 Challenge: Pushing past your comfort zone

Okay ladies, how was it!?

We would love to hear how the challenge to stretch every day went for you! Beyond just physical stretching, we hope you allowed yourself to be stretched spiritually this week as well. When we are stretched, we grow.

This week, Friday through Thursday, we are pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone and trying something a little more difficult. If you have lived any amount of time you can attest that more times than not, change comes out of difficult. This week we are going to challenge ourselves to do burpees every day.

Don’t tune me out… you can do this! We are going to ease our way into this one, building up and pushing ourselves a little more every day. Because that’s how our endurance improves. That is when our strength grows.

Not to jump ahead too much into how this challenge plays out in our spiritual lives, but I have to ask this question. Why do we think we can get anywhere new if we are circling the same neighborhood? My point is, if we want to see ourselves grow, we have to be challenged. And being challenged means moving out of what is easy, what is comfortable, maybe even what we know we are good at, and going after more.

Here’s how this burpee challenge is going to go…

Friday: 10 modified burpees, 1 standard burpees
Saturday: 8 modified burpees, 2 standard burpees
Sunday: 6 modified burpees, 4 standard burpees
Monday: 4 modified burpees, 6 standard burpees
Tuesday: 2 modified burpees, 6 burpees with a squat
Wednesday: 8 burpees with a squat
Thursday: 10 burpees with a squat

We believe in you! Let’s take on this challenge, push ourselves, and be proud of what we accomplish.

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