Photo for Thought: Ordinary

Let’s be clear. Just because we run a blog does not mean that we are endlessly inundated with potential post content. We aren’t somehow exposed to more adventure or life or mishaps or creativity because we’ve got a post to put out. We’re just doing life just like you and sharing whatever adventure and mishaps and creativity that might come our way. But the truth is, most of our days are ordinary-nothing to blog about-sort of days.

Like today.

It’s Thursday. We, like you, can hardly believe we’ve made it this far and also struggle to comprehend that it’s already nearly the end of another week. Where has the time gone and why can it not go faster!? We’re getting up (probably earlier than we want to) and going to work and doing our jobs and dealing with the rain that won’t seem to quit and family stuff and trying to keep our diets clean and fit in those workouts. Just. Like. You.

Have we mentioned lately that we’re all in this together? Well, in case you forgot, we’re just here to remind you.

Be it adventure or mishap or struggle or triumph or just an ordinary Thursday near the end of June, we’re here for it.

And speaking of ordinary—Ordinary is way too often underrated. This is something we’ve definitely talked about before, but ordinary can be so lovely and so welcomed. We need to remind ourselves of that all the time. In a world where it seems that everyone is on vacation or getting married or having babies or starting new jobs every single day (thanks to social media) it’s so easy to fall into that trap of believing that our life just isn’t quite as wonderful. That somehow everyone else has it better or is at least getting a bit more excitement than us. And then, in a desperate attempt to keep up and spice up, we pack our days full of what everyone else is doing and waste away all of our ordinary in between life. The place where the most life—our life—actually happens. The sweet, simple, breathing in and out rhythm of our lives.

If we work so hard to pack everything in—all the things we think we should—we won’t ever learn that rhythm. We’ll miss our life—the one we’re supposed to have.

So we’re just here on this regular old Thursday to remind you to soak in the simplicity and ordinariness of today. To breath deep and look long on sleeping babes and running around rascals and cluttered kitchen counters and desks, and to soak it all in. Your life and your rhythm—to own and appreciate your ordinary. Not to worry, we’ll be over here doing the same.

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