Summer: Weekend One

I absolutely LOVE when the first day of a new season falls on a Friday. In case you didn't know, the first day of spring also landed on a Friday this year. If you weren't able to celebrate weekend one of spring, not to worry, we've got the hookup for you for weekend one of Summer 2019!

Listen. Summer is way too short--we all know it--so don't waste even one second of sunshine! Here are some fun ways that you can get your summer off to a spectacular, sunshiney start! We're sharing a few fun ways to kick off your summer with family and friends this weekend! Also sharing a few fun party shops to supply all of your summer celebration needs!

An Evening of Summer Sips +Snacks

Want to host a fun summer kick off party but also keep it simple and low cost? We've got a plan for you! Set a time for after the dinner hour (maybe around 8PM) and keep it just to sips and a few simple snacks! Ask everyone to bring a fun summer drink or snack. *As a side note here and personal lesson learned, be sure to specify if you want alcahol or not as some people will automatically assume one way or another and it could create awkward moments which we don't want for anyone. You want everyone to come and feel comfortable and welcomed! Perhaps even send out some links and ideas in your invites so that people don't have to figure it out themseleves! (We'll include some here for you.) I know that our parents would cringe at the idea of asking guests to bring something, but it's 2019 people and this it so not taboo anymore! Your provide the space and the set up and the cuteness and the basics and the guests can do the rest! This is an easy way to get people together with not a lot of time or money required. If you've got lots of friends with kiddos, this can also be an afternoon pre-dinner hang out in the back yard with the kiddie pool! Make it work for you and your tribe! (We'll also link some of our posts from last summer for some great summer sips)

Lemonade Love
Super simple and sweet and fun way to cool off on a hot summer afternoon with friends! Tell everyone to whip up a fun and interesting lemonade recipe and bring it on over for some sips and chit chat. Maybe even make it a fun activity for you and friends or for the kiddos and make the lemonade together the old fashioned way. Maybe the kiddos can even work together to set up a lemonade stand while the grown ups sit back and relax! Here are a few fun and tasty recipes we came across!

Raspberry Peach Lemonade

Honey--Mint Lemonade

Lemonade Guide

Cold Brew Coffee Bar
If any of you love coffee like we do, then this might be the route for you. Who doesn't love a good coffee date with friends? This is an affordable and more intimate way to go about those this summer! You can check out our Insta stories for some great insight on making cold brew for the record. Have a few pitchers made up (you can make it homemade or TJ's offers some super simple and quick options as well) set out some cute cups and straws and open your doors! Maybe toss in some short bread cookies or some dark chocolate to make your at home coffee date extra sweet!

Smoothie Bar
This is a simple and healthy way to enjoy summer with cool people and get everyone involved. It's easy to delegate ingredients and all you really need to provide is the blender (depending on how many people are coming you might want a couple other friends to bring theirs as well) and some adorable cups! You probably want to get some of those darling baby umbrellas too--because why not!? Set out some fruit, a few types of milk, have lots of ice on hand, and you're good to go for a summer evening or afternoon with friends!

Cute Party Shops We Love

Let's be real. Sometimes we want to host a get together, but we're just too intimidated. Pinterest and Instagram make us feel like if we can't be totally extra we might as well not try at all. WRONG! It doesn't take much to put a little bit of sweetness and a special touch on your get together. These adorable party shops help you with all of that and get it all together for you! Check them out for your next summer bash or just to get some great ideas!

Cake & Confetti

Oh Happy Day

Summer Ready DIY Day 

We thught we might also share a few fun ways to get your space ready for summer! Here are a few darling (easy and affordable) summer projects to do on an evening in, with friends, or even with the kiddos on this first weekend of summer!

Cute Summer Planters
beach terrarium
hanging planters

door mats:
tribal print
door mat for crafting (from Amazon Prime)

snow cones 

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