Rach's 3 Favorite Summer Textures

Today I am sharing my favorite textures for summertime with you in all sorts of forms and fashions! There are just some things that feel like summertime and we think we should have all the things that make us feel like sunshine! 

1. Linen

It's for sure not the first time that we've talked about linen here on the blog and we can promise you it won't be the last. We. Love. Linen. For all the things. We love linen clothes and linen accessories and linen all around our space. Here are a few fun and fresh ways to bring linen into your summer! 

2. Terracotta

Is there anything that says summertime more than a bunch of terracotta pots! Turns out that terracotta is not just for pots! We love the color and we love the material, and this summer we went searching for ways to get more of it into our lives! Here are a few fun ideas for adding a splash of summer with some terracotta from accessories to bedtime! 

Geometric Terracotta Earrings from Etsy and if you're feeling ambitious....

3. Palm

Palm was one of my favorite discoveries from living in Mexico. So many wonderful things you can do with this texture and there's not more much more that screams summer than palm! Here are a few ways to put palm into your summer season!

4. Whicker
This one is classic southern summer! Whicker takes us to plantation porches and pitchers of sweet tea, but whicker is so much more than furniture! Let us show you some of our faves!

5. "Jelly"
Quotes are necessary here! We're taking this one is a few different directions. The yummy direction and back to our 90's childhood summer shoes! That's right, jelly sandals are still around and we think should certainly still be a thing! 

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