Three months ‘til 31||checkpoint

Remember about nine months ago when I went a little extra about turning 30? I made all of the lists to do all of the things because I was pretty excited about a milestone birthday and a brand new decade. Well. I figured it was about high time for a check in. For myself and for some accountability if I’m being honest. Also because D is just about six months away from her 30th and it’s about time to start being extra about that! Below you can take a look at what I’ve accomplished so far and what I still need to check off—I will note that some things I wanted to do this year and others just throughout my thirties. Believe me—there are a lot more lists where these came from! Let us know if you’re interested in seeing any of the others!

30 Ways to Celebrate 30 (this year) 

1. Fly my flower kite on Kite Hill  (Easter Sunday 2019 with ICON family <3) 
2. A new piece of bright pink bubble gum on the Gum Wall (With mommy in October) 
3. Plan my first ever trip to Europe!
 (France/Spain/Germany/Switzerland with Beka + Cara March 2019) 
4. Plan a trip to Africa
5. See Mt. Rainier up close. (coming August 2019!) 
6. Grow out my hair/bangs (FINALLY!!!) 
7. Spend more time by the water (building this into my Sabbath--working on it!) 
8. Train ride to Portland/Oregon Coast (with D in February) 
9. Be in a Book Club/read more
10. Eat and Write at Volunteer Park Café
11. BUDGET!!! (find a system that works) (getting there/quality friend time whilst getting there) 
12. SAVE $$$ (close to 10.000 this year) (slow progress...) 
13. Go kayaking on a semi regular basis
14. Winter weekend trip to LA
15. Bake for my neighbors
16. Stick to a morning routine/make the bed every day (ehhhhhhhh……) 
17. Plan my bluebird tattoo (but where to get it?) 
18. Join a Spanish conversation group/work on my Spanish in other forms (thanks interns!) 
19. Buy a polaroid camera (+document Europe trip)
YES to the polaroid--thanks mom-- fail on the Europe piece...(.left the film in Seattle....) 
20. Try all the coffee shops on Cap Hill (and rank them) (so. many. coffee. shops.) 
21. Visit the Amazon Spheres
22. Get back to the healthiest version of myself (go go go!) 
23. Rent/ride a bike in the city
24. Take on Whole Foods
25. Learn/understand a map of Seattle, WA
26. Explore as many neighborhood farmer's markets as possible
27. Go on more dates
28. Keep more house plants alive! (going strong) 
29. Go to the New Space Needle (celebrated a one year Seattle anniversary with a friend :) 
30. Take a water color workshop

30 Ways to Celebrate 30 (this October) 

1. Re-watch Friends--"The One Where They All Turn 30" (S7E14) 
2. 13 Going on 30
3. Birthday Brunch
4. Flowers (unlimited) ALL MONTH
5. fall shoppings (sweaters + boots, boots + sweaters #lavender) 
6. pumpkin patch day
7. try 3 new pumpkin recipes
8. donut day!!!
9. make bags for girls at REST
10. send 30 letters to people who have inspired me (maybe this year?) (working on it....) 
11. 30 scriptures that have got me to 30
12. 30 favorite memories from my 20s
13. go to the SAM and write and wander
14. throw/host fall party with friends 
15. hayride/bonfire
16. Sunday evening at St. Marks
17. Fall photography day
18. new plant babies from Plan Shop
19. lots of masking
20. chili for days (with mommy <3) 
21. treat myself to some products from shops that support HT survivors (my new promise ring) 
22. go for a long run in the city
23. watch Under the Tuscan Sun
24. choose a favorite photo to put on canvas/display
25. create lots of 30's lists/notebook
26. get a print of my Scripture for the decade
27. beach day with a scarf and a sweater
28. hang bedroom canopy curtain
29. Seattle with Mommy 
30. essential oil treats 

30 Places to Go in My 30's

1. Amsterdam
2. Wherever Beka is in Germany :)  (March 2019 with Beka--Kandern btw) 
3. Santorini/Greece
4. Paris (March 2019 with Beka) 
5. back to Israel (Jerusalem)
6. Pauls' Missionary Journeys
7. Cape Town
8. Australia
9. Madrid (March 2019 with Cara) 
10. Barcelona
11. Portland (bestie trip with D last Feb) 
12. Oregon Coast
13. Albuquerque (balloon fiesta)
14. Austen
15. Redwoods
16. San Fran
17. Macy's Parade (NYC) + The Curated to meet Christian Siriano
18. Maine
19. New Hampshire in the Fall
20. Chiapas
21. Napa
22. England
23. Disneyland
24. Sarasota (September 2019 with the fam) 
25. Sayulita (again)
26. Rio
27. Chile/Patagonia
28. India
29. Province/South of France
30. Hawaii (coming this January--happy 30th D!) 

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