Essential Oils for Summer


Ladies!You know by now that we love us some essential oils! We just can't get enough. Maybe you haven't had the Kool-Aid yet, but we're gonna keep it coming on this note either way because we just believe in the benefits so stinkin' much!

We love to update you as the seasons change with some fun and creative ways to put these little loves to good use! So, as expected, here are our summer picks and ideas! Feel free to share some of your faves in the comments or over on Insta!

Diffuser Blends

Spearmint (5 drops)
Lemongrass (5 drops)

Citrusy Summer
Tangerine (3 drops)
Lemon (3 drops)
Lime (3 drops)

Sizzlin' Summer Cool Off
Lemon (2 drops)
Wild Orange (3 drops)
Peppermint (4 drops)

Summer Boquete 
Lavender (5 drops)
Patchouli  (3 drops)
Geranium (2 drops)

Summer Solutions:

too much sun: 
coconut oil + lavender + peppermint
(mix well in hands and apply to sunned skin)

too many bugs: 
anti itch-- basil/ tea tree
sooth--lavender /chamomile

*roller bottle blend: Combine any or all of the above with fractionated coconut oil to apply before or after bug contact

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