Simple Summer Spruces

Speaking of summer… She’s not gone just yet!

In the theme and spirit of yesterday’s post, today we’re sharing a few fun and simple ways to spruce things up and soak up all that’s left of sweet summertime!

A Touch of Tulips
Turns out, tulips are not just for springtime! I know I know, I used to think they were too—ya know—they go well with Easter eggs and such. But actually these little beauties are great for summertime too! They’re fairly affordable at the grocery store (mine carries them at three bunches for $12) and a little goes a long way. I usually buy two little bunches on weeks when I don't have time to get down to the market for a bigger bunch. I honestly struggle to survive without fresh flowers—I can't think straight! The key here is color! If you want to inject some summer into your space with a more classically thought of springtime floral like tulips, go for bold and bright shades! Avoid pastel purples, pinks, and yellows, and opt for darker violets, oranges, corals, and deeper yellows and fuchsias. Mixing these bolder, brighter colors will add the pop of sunshine you’re looking for!

Summer’s End Sales

Now is a great time to grab some great summer items for next year! Stores are already pushing fall decor (in some cases even Christmas—not cool)  and discounting all of the summer stuff to get it out the door! I’m not always an advocate of having a ton of seasonal items that you have to store away all year, but a few little pretties are just fine and just enough to keep you in summer spirits. Of course you can tuck them away for next year, but you’ve still got plenty of time to enjoy them a bit this year as well!

Below are one of my favorite summertime splurges—teeny flamingo plates! I think I got these a few years ago in the Target $ bins (4/$1) but I can honestly say I use them for everything and because I love flamingos I use them all year long! But they are certainly a fun summer touch when I’m entertaining! I’ve used them as plant plates, serving plates, cute pastry plates, etc. They just add a little summer sparkle—and while you’re at it—sip that smoothie out of a fancy glass! Because why not!?

Summer Spice
You probably all know by now that I spent a couple of years in MX and so all things Mexican have a special place in my heart. Mexican flavors and colors are a great way to spice things up and add some color bursts for summer. I keep this simple sarape on hand for a throw, a table cloth, and a picnic blanket throughout the season. I also keep some fun throw pillow covers on hand (you can find these cheap at places like H+M and IKEA) just to change things up for the seasons. I love that I can change out the covers because it’s much easier to fold and store those than a ton of puffy pillows!! Note that many items from your travels can have this same summer pop affect! Go dig out those souvenirs and add a splash of summer adventure to your space!

Summer Sips
And last but not least, here are a few of my favorite summer flavors I’m enjoying on those sizzling days when you just want something refreshing to cool off with! I even splurged and bought the oat milk for some extra at home cold brew!

Let us know how you’re spicing and sprucing up your final days of summer!

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