Summer's End

I honestly cannot even begin to explain to you how impossible it is for me to fathom that we are already half way through August,
 That summer is nearly at her end. 
That autumn is upon us. 
Don’t get me wrong—I do adore autumn. 
But I don’t feel quite ready for her to circle around the sun and come to us just yet. 
I wish just a little bit that we could freeze on our axis, stop all the spinning, and just stay in the warmth of the summer sunshine. For just a little while longer. 
No more orbiting.
No more changing, 

My wish for this moment is impossible, of course. 
There is no stopping. At least in the regard that I’m currently hoping for. The Earth will stay tilted and perfectly aligned on her axis and she will orbit on ushering in the seasons, and bringing us along with her. Whether we like it or not--whether we’re ready or not. 

It will all go on. 

It’s a fact of life that I both love and hate. 

Can I tell you the truth? 

I’m not even sure what I’m trying to say here exactly.  I think I’m sort of thinking out loud with you…

It’s just all moving way too fast for me at the moment. I am so sure I’m not the only one feeling that way. The summer is swimming along too quickly, the seasons too, and really just life in general. 

But even though the Earth will keep spinning and orbiting and the clock hands will keep ticking and the seasons will keep cycling, we can choose to stand still. 

In the midst of it all. 
We can stop. 
In the change and chaos that we cannot control around us, we can choose—fight if we must—to find calm and stillness within us. 

We’ll tell ourselves we can’t. 
At least until the kids are back in school or after Christmas or New Years or our next promotion—
We’ll buy into that lie so hard. Because quite honestly, as much as we hate the whiring on of life, it’s easier to let it just drag us along than to demand the alternative. To jump off and to rest.To go against the whirling. 
We don’t really have a good excuse though.Especially when we are intimately connected to  the Author of peace and of rest and of stillness--when He’s personally invited us into all of those things with Himself. 

I was recently convicted again by the thought that Sabbath--rest--is a commandment. How easily and naturally I comply to the other nine things I should NOT do but so nonshalontly breeze past the only one that I SHOULD do. It’s strange right? That I wouldn’t be more on board with that one very good thing that God created for me and commands of me? My refusal to stop and to rest is purely and simply disobedience and defiance.  #checkyourheart

So here I am on Monday morning telling you and telling myself to just stop it! While the world whirls on around you today, demand stillness and peace and moments to soak it all in within your own little space. —Like I literally added a chunk of time to my calendar today (and every day this week) called “pause.” Because unless my calendar yells at me to do it, I might not. 

How and when will you pause today?

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