Fall Bucket List

Fall is upon it whether or not we're ready for it. But for real, does anyone NOT love Autumn....? Maybe don't mention it if you don't...

We've put together a list of all the fun autumn activities we're hoping to check off this season! Let us know in the comments below or on Insta if you think we've missed anything or have some classics that we should share with all of our friends here!

<3 Autumn stroll to see the leaves (with fun fall drinks of course)

<3 Leaf Jumping

<3 Rake leaves for a neighbor or someone who can't

<3 Sunday drive to a peaceful spot--phone free

<3 Change your closet to fall/winter

<3 Buy a fun fall nail and/or lip shade

<3 Host a sweater or scarf swap with friends

<3 Build a scarecrow with friends and/or family

<3 Send "just because" thank you cards

<3 Go see a drive in movie and have take out in the car

<3 Host a costume or theme party

<3 Host a fall movie night (When Harry Met Sally, Remember the Titans, etc.)

<3 At least one bonfire with blankets and all the cozy clothes

<3 Donate old fall/winter wear to those in need

<3 Host or participate in a progressive dinner with friends or neighbors

<3 Check out your local art museum

<3 Paint a pumpkin

<3 Try a new pumpkin recipe (or some spicy fall flavor if you're not a pumpkin fan....but don't tell us if you aren't ;)

<3 Try a seasonal beverage from a few different coffee shops

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