An Anchor for our Souls

I love those sweet moments when Holy Spirit speaks truth to us.
When He is faithful to His word to bring to mind the promises we know so well but may have forgotten just when we need them most. How He soothes our souls with them and helps us stand firm and rest in them.

I’m sort of a purist. I don’t really love all the catch phrases and cheesy, gimmicky lines that Christians often put on their car bumpers and T-shirts and toss around in conversation. Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good alliteration or something that helps an idea stick, but I really believe there’s something to be said about keeping things original and authentic. So, for me, there is something magical about a portion of Scripture that is lovely and memorable in its original form—no rewording or gimmicks—just the beauty and purity of God speaking straight to us.

Recently the water has been a little choppy for me and I can’t seem to steer my boat through the thick fog on most days—metaphorically speaking. I used to be a kids pastor, I just can’t help it with the object lessons and metaphors. Anyways. I was saying. Life is a bit unsteady and uncertain and unclear at the moment for me. I’m between jobs and not sure what’s next for me or even what I want to be next for me. I’m about two weeks from rent and a long list of bills that will need paying after three weeks of no steady income.

I know I should trust Him—I do. He’s never given me any reason to do anything but trust Him completely. He’s never been anything but constant and faithful and kind and generous. He’s always showed up and always made a way and always provided exactly what I’ve needed. Always. I know that He will again.
Of course He will.
 Right now I’ve got to sit in that crazy, chaotic, beautiful tension of doing my part but knowing that He will do His regardless of what I do or do not do. His working never depends on mine. His love does not depend on mine either.

Without looking for it or turning to it in my Bible, this scripture came to me sweetly last week and has stayed with me since:

Mostly this one line:

His hope is an anchor for my soul.

Just that.
So simple. So sweet. Holy Spirit always knows just when to pull up all of those Sunday School lessons and childhood memory verses.

I literally had to Google the reference for it. I knew it was straight out of scripture but honestly couldn’t remember where. Google kindly pointed me to Hebrews 6:19. And as I read around it and soaked in the context, it got even sweeter!

It’s a lovely thought free standing for sure. That in this chaotic, choppy, foggy space, He anchors me. He’s the peace and the steady and the clarity that will ground me and hold me here. But the context takes that anchor even deeper.

What exactly is His hope? What is the hope that is anchoring my soul?

The hope is Jesus and even more so, all that He’s done on our behalf. His blood that covers our sin and redeems us and His place in heaven even now mediating on our behalf.

So I can and should hold onto God’s hope with my whole heart! His steady and peace and clarity does not depend on me or anything I do here, I’m literally holding onto the hope that Jesus has already done it all for me and gone before me and that is anchoring my soul!

I may not be certain of much right now, but I am certain of this—that hope is one heavy anchor. If I hold onto that above all else and in spite of all else, I’ll be more than fine.

And so will you!

His hope is there. Always in front of us, always free to us, always ready to steady us. All that’s left is for us to hold onto the edges of our rocking boat and reach out to grab it through the blinding fog.

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